One of the places we hold the most tension is our jaw and eye area. Despite this, many people don’t think of their face as one of the first places they can pay attention to so they can access more relaxation. A ten-minute face massage can work wonders for us, especially before bed. The best bit? You can do it yourself!

Try this simple but effective quick stress-buster: You will need some massage oil which is suitable for your skin, or if you don’t have that to hand then use some of your moisturizer.

1. Using the first two fingers of each hand, begin at the base of the neck and begin to gently massage the skin there in small outwards motions. Pay particular attention to where your neck meets your jawbone.

2. Lightly tap your fingers up the sides of your jawbone until you reach the pressure points by your earlobes. Very gently press these and massage in a small circle.

3. Gently rub your earlobes between your thumb and forefinger and then lightly brush your fingers over your ears. Work your fingers back down your jawbone until you reach a point at the base of your chin where your fingers meet.

4. Gently push underneath your chin and massage lightly. Then with firmer, sweeping motions, begin to work your fingers up your cheeks to your cheekbones. Press your cheekbones firmly and massage in small outward motions until you reach your temples.

5. Gently massage your temples with small circular motions and then move inwards to the outside of your eye sockets.

Essential Oils and Flowers

6. Very gently massage around your eyes, avoiding the eye itself. Use light tapping motions if this area is very sensitive.

7. Smooth your hands gently up the side of your nose until you reach the point between them, called your ‘third eye.’ Lightly press into this point and slowly massage in a circular motion.

8. Tap your fingers across the top of your brow and up your forehead and when you reach the middle begin to massage in firm circular motions.

9. Continue upwards until you reach your hairline. Place the fingers of both hands onto the top of your forehead until they meet in the middle.

10. Slowly pull your hands away from each other, moving them down the sides of your face, until they meet again underneath your jaw.

“Resolutely train yourself to attain peace”
The Buddha

How to do a proper face massage under 10 minutes

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