How to Meditate with Mala Beads

Are you a regular practitioner of yoga or meditation? Do you oftentimes get too distracted by your own thoughts? Consider then if mala beads can be the tactile guidance you need.

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5 Great Meditation Chairs for Your Home

Sitting meditation is one of the most common ways of meditating, however for some of us, to maintain a somewhat straight and correct posture for extended periods of time can be a struggle in and of itself. Though we said a couple of unkind words about chairs when...

10 Mesmerizing Meditation Necklaces to Gift a Friend

Objects and symbols can be powerful and in some cases they can carry a meaning which you personally feel spiritually connected with. To wear such spiritually and meditative infused jewelry can remind you to remain mindful and present in whatever situation life puts...

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Reviews of At Home Flotation Tanks

Floating has a range of emotional, mental and physical benefits. These include reducing body aches and pain, helping with inflammation, eliminating toxins, and assisting with insomnia, depression and anxiety. Epsom salts are known for their therapeutic and calming...

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