How to Meditate in the Bathroom

Do you want to expand your meditation practice to the next level? Perhaps mastering the art of meditating in the comfort and warmth of your own bathroom is spiritual aid you need.

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Relaxation seems to become rarer and rarer the more advanced we as a civilization and culture become. This is a rather strange and unfortunate phenomena.

The goal of True Relaxations is to function as a tool and friend for the individual longing for more existential freedom and serenity.


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Natural and Artificial Lighting for Mood Enhancing Décor

Natural and Artificial Lighting for Mood Enhancing Décor

One of the most important elements in the creation of quality interior design is lighting. Lighting is not something most people immediately think about when they are looking to set the tone, create mood and allow their design choices to be fully admired. However, it...

Sharing a Small Space with Your Partner

Sharing a Small Space with Your Partner

When my partner and I decided to downsize from our 2,000 SqFt house into a 250 SqFt tiny house people said we were crazy, ourselves included. But we knew that we wanted a slower paced life, with more time to spend doing the things that bring us happiness. So, we sold...

Create a Bedroom that Lulls You to Sleep

Create a Bedroom that Lulls You to Sleep

Studies show that most healthy adults require 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Between work, family and daily life a lot of us feel lucky if we can average about 7 hours. If you are able to spend most of your sleep during stage 3, where you get...

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