Helping You Relax in a Tense and Rigid World


In some strange and unfortunate way, relaxation seems to become rarer and rarer the more developed and modern we as a society become. As is the case for all rarities, the rarer it gets the more valuable that object becomes.

There seems to be something accompanying technological and cultural progress, some kind of a deep tension growing within modern man.

In a sense the absolute access to information that we have now in the digital era is backlashing on us, a backlash that threatens the stability of the individuals psyche.

Nature is mostly relaxed with the occasional uproar here and there, but man seems to be the opposite. Namely mostly stressed with an occasional let-up and easiness. I find its high time to find ways to change this unhealthy behaviour and habit, as we all can enjoy more relaxation in our lives, in every aspect the more relaxed you are the more effective and graceful you are.

TrueRelaxations will attempt to present unto you a set of different ways of achieving relaxation, though the main categories of TR will be concerning home décor, tea, wine and wellbeing.

Relaxation is the prime goal.

Now it’s worth to mention that this relaxation will not only be concerning the very important bodily and mental aspects of relaxation but also, if you’re up to it, a deeper spiritual and existential realm of relaxation.

How come?

Well mainly because TrueRelaxations find that total and supreme relaxation can only arrive when one treats the whole and not just its parts.

So then..
Lets explore! 

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