Let’s be honest, we all have a favorite position that we settle into when we fall asleep. It is our comfort position, and we find it much easier to have a restful sleep like this.

Did you know, that there are certain accessories you could use in bed when sleeping to help support your body when sleeping on your side? Even if it is your favorite position to sleep in, the wrong mattress or posture could cause you to wake up with a stiff body, or to wake up feeling unrested.

The Importance Of Right Support

When sleeping, your spine needs to be in a neutral position. This helps lessen any pressure put on your back and stops you waking up with lower back pain or stiff joints. The incorrect posture or support when sleeping could leave you with pain and discomfort, so make sure you have the right accessories to support your spine, neck, and head when sleeping on your side. [sleep hygiene]

Our Best Picks

Soft Shredded Latex Roll Pillow

This roll pillow will offer great support to either your legs, back or ankles. It can be positioned under or between legs, ankles and the back to offer more comfort when sleeping, and additional support when sleeping on your side.

It is filled with natural shredded latex, which has memory properties, molding to your specific body shape. The cover is removable, so it is easily washed when needed.

Half-Moon Bolster Wedge

This semi-roll pillow can be placed under your knees, legs or ankles to support the natural shape of your body and to help the circulation in your legs. Not only will it help make sleeping on your side more comfortable, but it helps ease back, knee, ankle, leg, and hip pain by providing the proper spinal alignment when lying in bed.

The multi-purpose use makes it a must-have for all side sleepers, especially those who do suffer from back and hip pain.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This memory foam cushion was made to provide specific support for the legs, spine, and hip. It is placed between the knees. It can help ease many ailments such as pain in the lower back, pelvis, spine, as well as arthritis and sciatic nerve pain.

It comes with a removable strap, which helps keep the memory foam knee pillow in place when you are sleeping.

Memory Foam Pillow for Lower Back Pain

The support wedge is made to be placed under your side when sleeping. It fills in the gap between the bed and the waist and provides great relief for the spine. It helps those who suffer from sciatica, and knee and back pain.

It keeps the spine in perfect alignment when sleeping on the side, and is often used by those who suffer from back pain, or for pregnant women.

SleepRight Splintek Side Sleeping Pillow

It is difficult to find a comfortable pillow for your head when sleeping on your side. This memory foam pillow has been created for just that – support and comfort when sleeping on your side.

It has a full facial cradle which reduces pressure on the ears and the jaw, which allows the face to fully relax when asleep. The shoulder cradle offers the correct orthopedic support for the neck and head, which in turns creates the right spinal alignment.

The additional lateral channels on the top of the pillow allow for additional airflow, which helps improve breathing.

Sweetnight Foam Mattress

The three-layer mattress is designed to help support those who suffer from back pain. The 12-inch foam is made with 3-inch gel infused layers that adjust to your body weight, giving great pressure relief during the night. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites.

The mattress has just the right firmness to offer the right support when sleeping on your side.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

The shredded memory foam pillow is gel infused, which means it stays cool during the night. It has extra breathability, perfect for a head pillow. It adjusts to the right height for comfort for your sleeping position, correctly aligning your body when sleeping on your side.

The ergonomically designed pillow helps lessen back, neck and shoulder pain. The cross-cut design of the inners prevents any clumping of the pillows, which could cause great discomfort when sleeping.


The right sleeping accessories could make a world of difference for your sleeping experience. Everyone has different needs, but side sleepers are lucky to have so many options out there that offer great support to them when sleeping. Not only is the support beneficial to your spinal health and with the relief of back pain, but it also makes your sleep super comfortable as well!

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