A shower bench may be used for many different reasons – for assistance in the shower or simply to relax in the warm flow of pouring water.

Whatever your needs are, there is the perfect bathroom shower bench for you. Before buying one though, here are some things to consider and look out for:

  • Your needs – Not all shower benches are created equal. Some are made specifically to give support and assistance in the shower, with extra strength, flexibility and support for those who need it. Others simply offer a comfortable place to sit.
  • Waterproof – It goes without saying that your shower bench will get wet. Make sure the one you buy is waterproof. You don’t want rusting metal or peeling paint.
  • Slip-resistant – A shower floor can be a slippery place, and a shower bench that isn’t slip proof can be a real hazard. The shower bench you choose must be slip resistant and sturdy, as to not move or collapse under your weight or on the wet floor.
  • Space – Depending on the size of your shower, you might need to look at the size constraints of the shower bench. Obviously, a big shower bench won’t fit into a small shower. The space saving Kenley foldable seat can be an excellent choice in this regard.
  • Storage room – Some shower benches have additional shelving space under the seat. This might come in handy if you cannot move around the shower and need your toiletries and towels close by.

With that in mind, here is our top picks for shower benches:

AquaTeak Lotus Teak Shower Bench

This is a simple little seat that will fit into most showers. It is made with sustainably harvested solid teak wood and stainless steel, non-corroding components. The bottom of the legs are rubber-gripped, giving it extra stability.

It is naturally water resistant, making it perfect for the wet conditions in the shower. It will fit into most bathroom decors and is long lasting.

  • Unique design
  • Measures 18″ x 12″ x 18″
  • Weighs about 11 pounds

Bamboo Bathroom Shower Bench Stool

Made with 100% natural bamboo, this is as eco-friendly as you can get. Bamboo is naturally waterproof and antibacterial, perfect for the shower.

The built-in storage shelf adds some extra space for accessories and toiletries. The bench is only 18.5 inches long and 10.1 inches wide so it will fit in most showers. The stable design makes the bench suitable for the elderly and those who need some extra help in the shower.

  • Solid design with extra space
  • Eco-friendly bamboo

Mefeir Medical Shower Seat

This medical shower seat has been tested and approved by the FDA. The extra thick chair legs add safety and stability when showering, most importantly to the elderly, injured or handicapped. The bottom of the legs have sucker-feet, making the chair even more stable.

The wide-contour seat is more comfortable than many shower benches, and the drainage holes mean there is no build-up of water on the seat, and therefore less chance of slipping.

The height of the chair is adjustable, making it customizable to different needs.

  • Modern and FDA approved design
  • Customizable and stable

The Corner Teak Shower Bench

For a space-saving shower bench, this is a great option. It is made with eco-friendly, sustainably harvested teak wood, and the stainless steel components are all non-corroding.

The corner shower bench saves up space by fitting into the shower corner and has a bottom shelf for added storage room. The feet have rubber grips, making it extra stable.

  • Excellent for saving space
  • Eco-friendly teak wood

Morvat Bamboo Shower Bench

The Morvat Bamboo Shower Bench comes with a bamboo bathroom mat that further prevents slipping in the shower. It has a beautiful lattice design and has anti-slip rubber grips.

The bench is curved for extra comfort and has rubber grips to prevent sliding. The slatted surface allows for air flow and water drainage, making it a good option for wet conditions.

The shower bench is made using durable bamboo, which does not absorb moisture or water. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly, so it is the eco-conscious choice.

  • Curved design for better ergonomics
  • Comes with a bamboo mat
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo

Kenley Folding Shower Seat

This is the ultimate space-saving shower bench. It offers discreet seating in the bathroom by being mounted on the wall. The solid teak seat is durable and waterproof, and the steel mountings are reinforced for extra durability.

  • Minimalistic design best suited for smaller bathrooms
  • The seat size measures about 15.7 x 13.4in (40x34cm)
  • The seat can hold a capacity of up to 150kg.

Carex Universal Shower Chair

The innovative design of the shower seat makes it both stable and safe. The bench is adjustable, easily adjusting to different height requirements.

The small design means it can fit into many small showers, and the non-slip feet make it safe for those who need extra stability. The built-in side handles reduce the chance of falling. It is a simple and affordable but effective shower bench for assistance in the shower.

  • Adjustable height from 16″ to 21″
  • Stable and safe design
  • Inexpensive yet good quality

Moen Shower Chair

This practical chair offers reliable support and stability in the shower. The design of the chair makes it extra comfortable, with a curved and non-slip seat, reducing the risk of injury.

The legs can be adjusted from 15 to 21 inches, matching your needs. The handles are there for extra support and to help get up and down off the chair.

  • Solid design with handles that supports up to 400 lbs
  • Has a built in drainage system
  • Good choice for those wanting extra comfort, support and stability, especially those with disabilities or the elderly


Choosing a bathroom shower bench might not seem like a big deal at first, but it is important to choose the right one to avoid the risk of slipping or injury, and to find one that offers good support.

Don’t rush into buying the first one you see, instead take the time to figure out your own needs and restraints, and decide from there.