How would it feel to go to work each day and not be stressed out or feel like you are in the middle of a rat race? They say that when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Well, when you have a career with a focus on relaxation, you stand a much greater chance of moving throughout your life in a state of calm that is not always achievable in other fields.

Let’s explore seven fantastic jobs that won’t feel like a job because they naturally induce a sense of tranquility and serenity.

1. Meditation teacher

Attractive woman, meditating with eyes closed, doing restorative yoga exercise, beautiful lady in relaxation pose training, stress relief breathing technique. Well being, wellness concept

When you are teaching others the art of meditation, it stands to reason that you will be in the right frame of mind to find an ultimate level of mindfulness and peace. Walking your students through the various phases and steps automatically will leave you in a calm space. Drown out the cares of the world, the hustle and bustle of the street, the noise of the crowds. As you and your charges breathe in and out, focus inward and upward, and find stillness, your depth of relaxation will increase to newfound heights.

Imagine getting paid to do this day in and day out. Can you imagine a more gentle approach to life?

2. Yoga instructor

Young yogi sporty woman practicing yoga, instructor and group doing Sukhasana exercise, meditating in Easy Seat pose, working out indoor at yoga studio, close up. Well being, wellness concept

Though this may include meditation exercises as well, yoga brings it to a new level. Incorporating the various poses and balancing techniques to your repertoire will up the ante in regards to your career. This is a sought-after service that many will pay handsomely for.

Having your own yoga studio may require you to run your business with all of the legal requirements, but at least you know that your day-to-day job description will include gentle interactions with clients who seek to enhance their lives through positive and uplifting exercises. This will lead you to find more strength and deeper meaning than you can imagine.

3. Massage therapist

Though the work of a massage therapist is very physically demanding, it holds a special place in the realm of relaxation. The very atmosphere of the massage room is quiet and peaceful. Surrounded by stillness, gentle music, and aromatherapy, it is easy to enter the state of peacefulness that you want to instill in your clients.

Keeping this focus, you not only make yourself invaluable as a practitioner, but have the opportunity to spend your days in a slow, methodical state of calm. Does it make you feel accomplished to make others feel better? If so, then this may be the perfect career choice for you.

4. Art or music therapist

Woman potter teaching the art of pot making. Woman working on potters wheel making clay objects in pottery workshop

There is nothing quite so relaxing or healing than the arts. Using these elements to work with clients as a way to express their creativity or work through their issues, an art or music therapist is in a unique position to bring wholeness to others. Helping hurting people find expression and communicate emotions through various art mediums is a career choice that definitely has a focus on relaxation.

Guiding clients through visionary work, color therapy, and music is very fulfilling. Whether you work with those who struggle with mental, emotional, or physical difficulties, art mediums that are tactile, such as painting, sculpting, pottery, sand art, or drawing are very therapeutic. Visual or active art forms or such as photography or dance are also fantastic methods to bring relaxation into the lives of those who need it most, including the instructor.

5. Librarian

Image of teacher standing near table with books on it in the library

This is a great career choice for someone who finds deep relaxation in reading. Not only does it intrinsically offer a quiet workspace, it is a great way to help seekers of information achieve the joy of discovery in a calm atmosphere. When you work in an area where whispering is the norm, you enter a natural state of calmness and encourage others to do the same.

Be the helpful librarian with a smile on your face and watch how quickly you spread cheer and kindness with nothing more than hushed tones and shelves lined with fabulous books.

6. Interior Designer

Young female interior designer at office with paint and color swatch

Do you have the talent and mind of a designer? Use your skills to bring a relaxing atmosphere to the home of your clients. This is your opportunity to make money by literally focusing on relaxation. Working with colors, textures, patterns, and themes is not only calming for you, but will leave your clients with a space that brings balance, symmetry, cohesion, and peace.

If you have an eye for this type of work, you will find great satisfaction in a job well-done while helping others in their goals for design and decor that leave them in a better state than before they found you.

7. Gardener

Gardening can be both incredibly relaxing and at times rather physically demanding. Depending on what aspects of gardening you decide to pursue, you can most likely get away with minimal physical effort and maximal relaxation. For example, just about each city around the world have parks with abundant nature that need caring and maintenance.

Working outdoors surrounded by greenery, plants and flowers can be one of the best relaxing careers one can pursue for relaxation and general wellbeing, especially if you are a nature lover!


So there you have it!

Seven careers that focus on relaxation. Would you choose any of these? What other ideas do you have for a job that leaves you feeling relaxed or helps others feel the same? Do you have a career that induces relaxation? If so, what is it? Whatever career you choose, I hope that it creates peace and enjoyment for you and helps you avoid the stress of a harried work life. I hope you find what you love so that you never truly ‘work’ a day in your life.