What meditation is, our approach to it and how you can begin practicing it.

Our approach to meditation

Stillness, presence and witnessing

Meditation can mean a lot of things, depending on who you talk to.

For some it’s just shutting your eyes and sitting in a certain position for a certain amount of time, for others it’s the repetition of a certain mantra to achieve certain state of mind. 

For us at TrueRelaxations meditation is essentially about witnessing. Just witnessing or being aware of the inner and outer aspects of yourself. This includes the world that is seemingly outside of you. In truth, all is contained in consciousness, and meditation can bring you closer to this experience and understanding.

To witness the contents of consciousness without judgement nor passion, that is to say the sensations, thoughts, feelings and how they appear and disappear. This is genuine meditation.


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The Four Layers of Consciousness

By directing your attention and awareness to the different layers or levels of consciousness, you gradually understand yourself more intuitively and more totally. Meditation becomes your natural way of being. The body, mind, heart and soul are all contained in consciousness.

Woman doing yoga in nature by the lake

The Body

First and foremost. Lay notice to the immediate presence of your body. The buzzing aliveness of your physical body. How it flows and grows with life. How immediate the senses are and how they operate ceaselessly.

The Mind

When you are familiar and relaxed with the recognition of your body, proceed to being aware of your mind, i.e. the thoughts. Just stay put and watch how they arise and fade away. Each thought somehow connected to the previous.

Woman in a thankful prayer pose out in nature during sunset

The Heart

The heart and the realm of feelings and emotions. The heart goes deeper than the mind. Remember that all of these levels or layers are connected, There cannot be one without the other.

The Soul

When you’ve meditated on the body, mind and heart. The only thing that remains is the soul, or the primordial feeling of simply being. also sometimes referred to as the I-thought.

Find where it resides, is it tangible? Is it who you are?

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