Mind and Spirit

Our minds and our spirits, the most subtle parts of ourselves, sometimes also the most overlooked parts of ourselves. What I’ve found is that people more often than not fall short when it comes to consciously achieving relaxation for these essential aspects of our being.

We all know that we are all physical beings living in a world of constant dynamic change, a world in which our biological bodies is intimately connected to. A body which is essential to our experiencing of life, wheter bitter or sweet. But many people fail to see that there are deeper realities at work here, deeper realities which TR finds to be worth our conscious time.

In other words, TrueRelaxations tries to convey that one shouldn’t merely think that relaxation is only excluded to the physical. Oh no, there are much more layers in our consciousness where one can attain relaxation.

In this part of TrueRelaxations, we explore those subtle aspects of ourselves related to our minds, psyche, spirit. Everything from meditation and minimalism to floating and individual therapy.


The Latest in Mind & Spirit

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