Relaxation Techniques
(Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit)

There are many different techniques in which one can relax. Techniques which perhaps target different aspects of ones consciousness, say for example the most obvious ones which are the physical body or your thoughts.

That being said, from my humble perspective there happens to be roughly four levels of relaxation within the human being, though it is important to understand that all these levels are inevitably interlinked with one another at some point.

Why and how?

Well because for example, when you really go deep into relaxing the body, your overthinking mind will naturally get a little bit more bearable, or vice versa, as when you really manage to understand and handle your monkey mind, your body will inevitably become looser and freer in its expression. Therefore these following categories and divisions only work up to a certain point and after that they can be seen as being quite redundant.

3 Reasons Why Relaxation is Our Natural State
1. Every child is relaxed, they are soft and tender and gentle in their movement. Most adults become stiff and rigid when coming into a certain age, fortunately this is curable, and True Relaxations is your friend!

2. When relaxed one feels more in flow with oneself and the surrounding terrain.

3. Being spontaneous is our natural state, as life is in itself spontaneous. Relaxation allows spontaneity flow easier! This is what we will work on!


I find that one should start with the beginning, that is if your body is very tensed up, let that be your first object of focus. Let your attention tend and focus on that realm then, as one feels more relaxed in the body, one can go to the world of thoughts and identity etc, and when one feels that indeed the mind is significantly calmer, one can advance to the world of emotions, until you come to the final destination, which is the realm of spirit and/or presence, this is the nexus of your reality, and when this aspect or totality of you is fully relaxed, you have arrived at your own center.

Relax the Body

The first and most obvious one is the body, and because it is the most palpable it is also one of the more easier one to make relax. There are countless of ways of going about relaxing ones body. These ways include exercising, taking a walk in nature, jumping into a steam sauna, getting a great massage, breathing in the right way, dancing out in the rain or just by smiling consciously! Ways of relaxing the body is as said countless, so my suggestion is to simply explore different ways of going about that journey.

Relax the Mind

The second layer is the realm of the mind, thoughts and ones psychological identity. This mental layer is obviously more subtle than the physical body, and therefore can be seen as being more difficult to address when it comes to relaxation. But don’t be discouraged, as its subtlety brings about a challenge which if overcome brings all the more of well deserved relaxation. So how do ones go about relaxing ones crazy monkey-like mind?

Well the first thing to know is that one cannot control it, it is the nature of the mind to jump around from concept to concept, image to image, object to object. Trust me, you cannot fully tame the beast of the psychological mind, its wildness is an innate quality to it. However what you can do, and what I found the be the most effective and permanent, is to come to understand it without any clingy attachments

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Relax the Heart

The third layer and perhaps the most subtle is the layer of the emotions, heart and soul. This is the layer that is perhaps the most difficult to relax, especially if one has gone through some hard times or had some traumatic unshakeable experiences in ones life. The tensions that can build up in the world of heart can appear to be harder to “treat” and therefore enabling relaxations in that realm may be more challenging than lets say the body and mind. Although in their own right both the body and mind also have their challenges when it comes to relaxations.

The heart is more subtle than the thoughts that constitute the mind, in a sense your emotions and feelings can also be seen as “thoughts” but that can be a misleading perspective for some to adopt. However for others, lets say spiritually inclined individuals, emotions and feelings are recognized for what they are, namely phenomena that appear in ones consciousness which are born and inevitably dissolve in time. When seen from this vantage point, ones emotions also show the defining characteristics of thoughts, that is impermanence.

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Relax The Spirit

Seeking Truth and Enlightenment?

Are you seeking that weightless formless state of pure beingness?

Have you been meditating and seeking for that ultimate truth to liberate you?

If so..

Grace & Relaxation will take you home!

The last frontier when it comes to relaxation is your own sense of presence or spirit, and this is indeed the most subtle aspect of yourself which is also happens to be perceivable. It is your true name, before your parents gave you a name. The sense of presence is the sense I. You exist, I exist, we all exist and we all have a sense of existing. This is the nexus from which all others are derived from, and this too can be relaxed.


By being aware of it.

When you have cultivated your inner eye to such degrees that you can even distinguish this primordial sense of presence within, this is when you have achieved absolute relaxation and awareness, or sometimes called enlightenment.

This is the ultimate goal of True Relaxations, as all rivers of relaxation lead to that unfathomable ocean of total flow and relaxation.

Easy, flowing, gentle, blooming, loving, soothing, kissing, silent, flowery waters

 Say a bunch of words infused with relaxation and
feel how you actually become more relaxed.
A nice little exercise for you!