What yoga is, our approach to it and how to start practicing it.

What yoga is

Movement, stillness, breath and unity of being

Many people associate yoga with advanced physical poses performed by experienced and highly flexible individuals. The physical part is definitely a crucial part of yoga but isn’t everything. Having been practiced in the east for thousands of years, Yoga as an tradition arose in ancient India to train both the mind and the body. The essential goal of yoga is to unite the physical with the spiritual.

Yoga contains different parts that tackle different areas of ones immediate reality. The physical positions and exercises are generally referred to asanas and the breathing techniques are known as pranayama. Alongside the manipulation of the body and breath, there are also various meditation and relaxation techniques to liberate and unite the physical with the mind and spirit.

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The Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

The Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

Many people get yoga and meditation confused as if they are one and the same thing. Though they are both intimately related, there is one key distinction between the two, namely, yoga is a system of practices, philosophies and a way of life developed in ancient India,...

17 Buddhist and Yoga Mudras for Wellbeing & Relaxation

17 Buddhist and Yoga Mudras for Wellbeing & Relaxation

If you look at images of the Buddhas, their hands are always in one mudra or another. Hands folded in the lap signify meditation; a palm held up facing outward signifies the act of teaching; and an open palm pointed downward represents generosity. Basically, a mudra...

Pranayama: 9 Breathing Techniques to Balance Your Energy

Pranayama: 9 Breathing Techniques to Balance Your Energy

The importance of the breath in spiritual practice cannot be overstated. For centuries, countless Buddhists, yogis, and Eastern healers have turned the simple act of breathing into the foundation of their daily practice. For this reason, most meditation styles and...

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