As we near the end of 2020, we’re all eager to see what the next year has in store for us, especially when it comes to home design. 2020 was the year when we spent most of our time at home and it made us realize the importance and value of a comfortable and inspirational interior, and 2021 presents the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into our home design.

With that in mind, we are listing five mesmerizing interior design trends that we’re expecting to see everywhere in 2021.

Bringing the outdoors in

2020 was all about going back to basics and this trend is very likely to continue in 2021, especially when it comes to indoor greenery. Adding a couple of plants into your living space can have a positive effect on your mood, help you relax, and increase indoor air quality, and there are so many ways to be creative when it comes to including indoor plants into your home decor.

While it is definitely one of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring the outdoors in, adding plants isn’t the only way to incorporate nature into your home design. Natural materials such as rattan, wicker, and bamboo can be perfect for adding outdoor, tropical vibes to indoor spaces, either through furnishings, decor, or lighting fixtures. Woven details will add a natural and organic feel to your living space while bringing some texture in as well.

Adopting the motto ‘Less is more’

Speaking of going back to basics, 2020 was also a year when many of us had to rethink the way they use their living space. This has led many of us to try and simplify their interiors and really draw the line between essentials and non-essentials, aiming to achieve a minimalist look in their living space.

We can expect this trend to continue in 2021, with the main idea being the creation of space that is clean, organized, and clear of physical and visual clutter. Some of the ways to achieve this is to invest in storage and double-duty furniture (especially when working with smaller spaces), introducing pieces with clean lines and minimalist details (e.g. hidden hardware on kitchen cabinets), and investing in quality pieces that were built to last, choosing quality over quantity.

Small, multi-functional spaces that combine comfort and function

Making our spaces as practical as possible is something many of us had to learn how to do in 2020, especially when it comes to those working with smaller spaces. Each corner needed to be used wisely, every nook was given a purpose, and both vertical and horizontal spaces were put to good use, with creative storage, double-duty furniture, and space-savvy design solutions being of major help in carving out home offices and workspaces in smaller homes and apartments.

The demand for smaller yet flexible and multi-functional spaces is likely to continue in 2021, with beautifully designed studio apartment rentals being among the coziest and most practical housing options for those who seek comfort and functionality while away from home. Having a flexible space where you can work, study, be creative, or simply relax is invaluable these days, and sometimes, even the smallest of spaces can be just as cozy and practical as larger ones, if not even more.

Relying on neutrals to inspire inner calm

The eagerness to simplify, go back to basics, and return to nature is also reflected in another interior design trend that will dominate in 2021 – the use of neutrals. The combination of black and white is ideal for those who want to achieve a look that is clean but also bold, while a color scheme with grays and beiges as dominant colors serves as a subtler alternative.

Neutrals are a go-to when it comes to creating welcoming and intimate living environments, with cool neutrals being ideal for connecting modernity and technology while the warm, earthy tones are reserved for connecting with nature and infusing autumnal tones into home design.

Using natural light to bring in peaceful vibes

Designing interiors in 2021 will be all about creating spaces that inspire calm and make us feel centered – something that often calls for bringing in more sunlight. Not only is maximizing natural light going to make your interiors feel bright and airy but it will also help you feel more at peace.

Let more light in replacing patterned, heavy window treatments with something light and sheer. Also, open the windows regularly to increase air circulation, and rely on brighter hues and mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness.

Wrapping up

Trends come and go, and staying on top of what’s trending in the interior design world is essential for keeping our homes up to date.

With a multitude of interior design trends that appeal to every style, budget, and taste and a range of options to choose from, 2021 presents the perfect opportunity to utilize your living space more creatively and turn it into a functional, beautiful, and well-organized place you can thrive in.