Do you love to daydream or lose your yourself in a book that takes you to faraway times and places? Well you’re not alone! But if you have a busy household with the hustling and bustling activity of a family, it can be hard to concentrate and find enough peace and quiet to enjoy those moments. This is why it is so important to find or create private havens to steal away to so that you can escape the clatter and allow your mind to wander.

As you search for the perfect haven, keep in mind that you want to avoid noisy areas of the house, such as the kitchen, a family or living room with a television, or areas where everyone congregates to play games and video games. If you share a bedroom with anyone, then it may not be a great spot either. So where can you go?

Here are a couple of great spots to have as private and serene havens in and around your home:

1. A hammock in the garden

Easily set up on a stand or between two trees, a hammock or a hammock chair is a perfect solution for when you need to just get away from it all! Not only can you enjoy the warm sunshine, fresh air, a cool breeze, the sounds of the birds singing, and the rustling of the leaves, but it also provides the perfect backdrop of a beautiful sky.

Here you can lie quietly, thinking your thoughts, using your imagination, or getting lost in your favorite book, as you gently rock back and forth in the breeze.

2. A window seat

Warm and cozy window seat with cushions and a opened book, light through vintage shutters, rustic style home decor.

When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to have my very own window seat. Ideally, this would be located in a tucked away spot in the house. A window seat is basically a built-in bench type seat, covered in soft pillows, that is tucked up next to a large window. Mine had a lid in the seat that could be lifted, under which was a fabulous storage area for my books and my journal, as well as a spare blanket for when I felt chilly. Because of the large window, it provided a beautiful view and lots of natural light and warmth. Easily one of my favorite places to get lost in my own little world.

3. A garden bench

Nestled among the flowers and greenery, a garden bench is a lovely spot to take your book or even just your mind. Don’t forget to grab a soft cushion to make it more comfortable! Once settled in, you might be distracted by a beautiful butterfly or a droning bee, but those are distractions that will make your daydreaming moments even more special. Breathe in the fragrance of the garden as you ponder, as you read, as you imagine. Here you don’t have to hurry. Here you can just rest and enjoy.

4. A sunroom

Cheerful smiling female dressed cozy home clothes sitting in comfortable armchair, relaxing, reading a book and drinking morning coffee or tea in house sunroom living room

Commonly also called a screened-in patio, an enclosed porch, or an Arizona room, a sunroom is a very special place! It is perfect for capturing and holding the warmth of the day, without the possibility of little critters that might want to buzz around or bite at you. This is ideal if you live in an area that is generally warm but may have too many pests flying about. Here you can sit on a wicker bench padded with pillows or settle into a porch swing. Sunrooms tend to fill with quietness, as they are separate enough from the living area of the house. They are ideal for evoking nostalgic thoughts, bringing happy feelings, and getting lost in storybooks.

5. An attic loft

Up I would go as a young girl, up to the highest point in the house! Here the air felt stuffy and hot, but I didn’t care. Here was a getaway that made total sense to me! No one could find me here. Through the tiny window, I could see the fluffy clouds float by in the sky and catch the occasional glimpse as a bird passed by. It was easy to here to daydream, easy to imagine wonderful things from the past or the future. It was a beautiful private haven for curling up with my newest book, as the cares of the world seemed so far away.

Do you also have a place that can be your private haven? Look around you. I hope you discover a place that is perfect for your daydreams, your stories, your thoughts, your moments of relaxation. Find it and embrace it. Here your soul can feel at rest, here you will find refreshment, and here you can escape to your happy place.