Living in these unprecedented times is stressful and anxiety-inducing, for sure. Since going to different places is not recommended due to social distancing rules that are still in motion in many places, then making your home pretty and comfy is the only reasonable thing to do.

This actually makes sense, because your home or apartment, no matter how small, should be your place to unwind, relax and forget your worries. Therefore, if you’re longing for a bit of serenity and peace, here are some tips that will help you turn your home into your perfect zen oasis.

First, remove the clutter

We often cling to different items hoping they’ll bring back the good times. Sentimentality is great, but not if you cling to it at the expense of your composure. So, if you have a bunch of things lying around, make sure to assess their value in your life, before you proceed to declutter them from your home or at least, reorganize them. Storage boxes are a good idea if you want to organize the things you don’t want to throw out just yet. That way, your space will be free of things you don’t really need, which will give you more room to redecorate your home as you please.

Let the light in

Living room serene

A house isn’t a home if it’s too dark, especially during the gloomy days when there isn’t enough sunlight. So, making your home well-lit should be your absolute priority. Make sure your windows are installed properly, and also, opt for curtains that are breezy and light, but with enough privacy. Additionally, it would be smart to paint your walls in bright and calming colors so you’ll be able to experience more light during the day. Pastel colors are a good bet as they have a tranquilizing effect that will make you feel peaceful and collected.

Pick some nice decor pieces

Decor matters a great deal, especially if you’re aiming to create a peaceful and charming aesthetic. Adding a few pieces here and there can genuinely transform your space and make it look more pleasant and friendlier. Carpets and rugs play a huge role as they bring warmth and elegance to the room, so if your space feels a bit lacking, then feel free to check out the online collection of rugs from NZ, as you’ll probably find some gorgeous tribal and boho patterns that will make your home stand out. Well-chosen decor pieces such as rugs, or pictures will bring character to your home and make it feel more intimate, which is exactly what you need.

Enrich your home with some greens

Plants are beautiful, pure, and raw, which is why adding them to your home makes perfect sense. However, if this idea scares you due to a lack of experience, keep in mind that there are low-maintenance greens that will be great even for the absolute beginner. So, if you have unused spaces, such as windowsills, feel free to decorate them with cute succulents or snake plants, as these are easy to care for.

Don’t forget about the smell

Feeling zen isn’t complete without aromatic infusions. In case you smoke or cook, then you know how much smells can ruin the atmosphere and bring a bit of tension. Hence, if possible, stay away from smoking indoors, or if you must, create a strictly designated smoking area so the smell won’t overwhelm your whole space. The kitchen is always a good idea, but make sure to get a kitchen hood that will suck the smell that arises from smoking or cooking. More importantly, get aromatic candles or incense sticks, but you can also make your own air freshener using distilled water and essential oils.

Clean your home on a regular basis

Decluttering and cleaning isn’t exactly the same thing, so once you declutter your space, it’s also important to keep it fresh and clean. Now, you don’t have to go overboard and clean your toilet with a toothbrush every day, but regular dusting or wiping can do so much for your home. If you suffer from allergies or other sensitivities, then cleaning is even more important.

If the thought of this makes you roll your eyes, remember that you can’t have zen if your home is unkempt and messy. So, make your simple cleaning schedule and stick to it. Consistency and personal peace often go hand in hand, so be sure to organize your home and lifestyle in a way that will make you feel serene and happy.


Your perfect zen home is already here, but in order to make it happen, it’s essential to keep it neat to an extent that brings you joy. Remember that you are the charge of your own home, and your inner peace and joy should be your top priority. Therefore, these tips will surely help you make your space your perfect little sanctuary.