A coffee table can be the perfect piece to complete the look of a lounge or living space.

When choosing a coffee table to use at home, one of the main things to consider is whether it matches the surrounding décor of the designated space. You should especially take the material, texture, surface finish, practicality, shape, color, size and height into consideration when deciding for the right coffee table.

For example if you’re big on portability, you might look for a coffee table that’s lightweight and has a top that’s sturdy and securely fastened to the rest of the body in order to move it about here and there.

When it comes to the shape, size and height of the coffee table. A couple things to consider is where exactly is it to be placed? Does it fit there in regards to the shape and size, is it round or rectangular, does it have a bottom and top? What is the height in comparison to the chairs and seats that will surround the table?

As you might’ve guessed there are no definite ways to choosing the right coffee table, but here are a couple general guidelines that may prove useful:

  • The length of the coffee table should be anywhere from one-half to two-thirds the length of your sofa.
  • The height of the coffee table should be roughly the same level or a few inches lower than the cushions of your sofa or other seats in the room. This helps create a more symmetrical and harmonious look (if that’s in fact what you’re looking for).
  • While some prefer to keep the same theme, style and shape in a room, say for example when you have a round sofa then a round coffee table would be the way to go, others however, like to “disrupt” or offset the style by contrasting with opposites, that is round vs rectangular, symmetrical vs asymmetrical and what have you. It’s all a matter of taste.
Tip: If you have kids running around in the room where you intend to put the coffee table, consider getting a table with no sharp edges and preferably isn’t made of glass. The last thing we want or need is someone getting hurt because of an slight aesthetic inclination!

Having said that, here is our overview of the best coffee tables to buy in 2021:

Our Favorite Pick: Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

  • Ultimate minimalist design
  • Safe for children with non-angular corners
  • Pretty much blends in everywhere

The tempered glass coffee table will offer a modern and minimalistic touch to any home. It is strong and durable and is able to support a variety of items such as laptops, plates and books.

It is fully transparent, allowing it to blend in well with different décor and themes. The U-shape design is simple, and the non-angular design also makes it safe for young families with children.

For Minimalists: Kure Dolf Coffee Table

  • Minimalistic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Resilient
  • Stain resistant

When it comes to a minimalistic style, the Kure Dolf Coffee Table steals the show. It is also an eco-friendly piece, made with Green Label endorsed MDF.

It has a semi-matte finish and is highly resistant to sun damage and scratches, making it a great piece for a sunny lounge. The solid ash wood base is stable and secure, and the top of the table is easy to clean and stain-resistant.

For Saving Space: Uniquewise Wood and Metal Storage Coffee Table


  • Accent piece
  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Measures 39.5″ W x 23.25″ D x 16.5″ H

If you are looking for some extra space in your living room, this might be the answer. The easy to assemble table has a metal shelf bottom, great for storing books and blankets.

It is an accent piece that is practical as well, and is ideal for smaller spaces.

For Simplicity: Simplicity Foluban Rustic Coffee Table

  • Simple & minimalist design
  • Eco-friendly wood
  • Easy to clean and maintain

While this is a rustic themed coffee table, it still has that minimalistic look that will keep your space looking tidy and neat. It has a character distressed wood that acts in contrast with the industrial design of the legs.

The MDF wood is eco-friendly which is easy to clean and simple to maintain. The black legs have a matte-finish, protecting them from sun damage.

Best Multi-Functional: Tangkula Coffee Table

  • Multi-functional
  • Made from solid wood and metal
  • Great for saving space

Practicality meets modern design with this lift top table.

The top deck of the coffee table lifts up to expose hidden storage space, which is great for areas in desperate need of additional storage.

The bottom of the coffee table also has separate compartments for further storage.

It is made with solid wood and metal, and is sturdy and stable to last a long time.

Most Stylish: Mecor Modern Glossy White Coffee Table with LED Lighting

  • Unique design
  • Has LED lighting
  • Illuminates the room

For something a little more showy, this glossy white coffee table with LED lighting will finish your lounge perfectly. The eco-friendly MDF wood is easy to clean and is resistant to rotting and warping.

The LED lights provide a soft illumination for your room and it also features a two-tier design for a minimalistic approach to extra storage.

Cutest: Grey Oak Coffee Table

  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple and smart design
  • Affordable

This modern coffee table is from the Ameriwood Home Jensen range. It has a rustic grey-oak finish that is laminated to make it easy to clean and maintain.

The open shelf helps provide additional storage space that is usually needed in most houses, with a two-tier design keeping it simple. The MDF wood is environmentally friendly and makes the piece affordable and long lasting.

Coziest: O&K Furniture Round Coffee Table

  • Fun & old school design
  • Spacious and practical
  • Warms the room

The solid metal frame structure holds high-quality MDF wood and is built with black finish-coated powder metal, making it last.

It is a two-tier, spacious coffee table that will answer any storage problem. The circular shape makes accessing storage items much easier and it is finished with a farmhouse design that will warm any space in the home.

Classical: Roomfitters White Marble Print Coffee Table

  • Marble finish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Resilient to water and scratches

The faux marble finish will add elegance into any living space. It is made using eco-friendly P2 particle board that is waterproof and wear-resistant. It is made to last.

It has a simple yet modern design that will complete the look of a living room, while taking up little space but still serving a practical purpose.

Most Versatile: Andy Mid Century Modern Faux Wood Overlay Coffee Table

  • Good for saving storage
  • Nice rubberwood with dark walnut finish

This coffee table has a mid-century look that will add some life and style to your living room.

It has two bottom divisions which add storage space to the already spacious table top.

It is made with rubberwood and has a dark walnut finish. The coffee table is a stylish piece that will fit into many décor themes easily. The grey walnut finish suits both brown and grey tones, so it can easily be transferred between rooms.


Buying a coffee table can be overwhelming – there are so many out there! Make sure you know what you need for your space, whether it be storage or style, and go from there. Try and buy a coffee table made from eco-friendly material if you can, this way you will be completing your living space, but also do your own fair share for the environment.