Good lighting in a new home can be a chore. Are we focused on reading or are we focused on display? Do we want it industrial or comfortable? And how do we save space in a crowded home?

Stick with a bright idea and go with floor lamps. Functional, adjustable, dimmable, easy to move, and they don’t take up too much space. I’ll wait while you try to come up with something better.

But seriously, floor lamps are a light-saver. Stick with us and you’ll find out just what they’re used for, all their great features and designs, and our top picks in floor lamps, for casual usage, décor and for reading.

Uses of the Floor Lamp

Clearly, it’s a lamp and lamps are meant for light. But lighting isn’t just about putting a light in a room and letting it shine. Floor lamps can be used for decorative purposes, like say to highlight a designated area and draw extra attention to that part of the room.

Floor lamps also don’t take up much space. You can use them to accent your room and add style. Or you can easily hide them behind chairs and side tables.

They’re also great for individual purposes and activities, such as reading, cooking, play areas, and other pastimes.

Floor lamps are great for any room of any home.

levitating woman reading book by a floor lamp

Yep. That’s exactly what it looks like. A gal reading a book while levitating.

Features of the Floor Lamp

Floor lamps usually come with a variety of features, as they’re often adjustable, dimmable, and they come with a wide array of lighting options & settings.

Most floor lamps can be adjusted height wise and made to fit any space. Shorter lamps are good for over the shoulder lighting and reading purposes. Taller lamps fill a room with light and are great for areas like the kitchen or playroom.

They also usually come with a dimming feature, set into three states. Dim, normal, and bright.

  • Dim lights can help create a mood of sustained relaxation by de-stressing the atmosphere.
  • Normal lighting is just what it sounds like. This is used whenever you need light for normal activities and general living.
  • Bright lighting is good for detailed work and keeping a place lively and active. Bright lighting is good in an area of the home with lots of people and activity. It is also the most effective lighting of a home.

Lighting options are many when it comes to floor lamps. Most of them are LED these days, but regular lighting can still be found.

Simply put, floor lamps come with many great features that adjust to your home and style.

Our Top Picks

Before buying a floor lamp just remember to keep in mind a few things.

For starters, price. Floor lamps are more expensive than your average table lamp. Make sure that you’re quite confident with the floor lamp you’ve chosen before finally buying.

Another important aspect to consider is style. Depending on the overall décor theme of your home or that particular room the floor lamp will be placed at, you make sure to choose one that fits best.

Thirdly is functionality, closely related to the features of the floor lamp which we discussed above. How much does it adjust, how many different light levels does it have? Is it optimally designed for reading nooks?

Last but not least, remember and consider the space you have to put lighting in. Do you need to hide your lamp or can it be put out for all to see? If there isn’t a lot of space, focus less on the stand of the lamp, and on the light itself.

Floor lamps are very useful for lighting up a home or cuddling with your favorite book. Just be sure to get the right one that fits you. To help with that, here are our favorite floor lamps.

Brightech Sparq Arc: Best Pick for Reading Nooks

One of the main reasons people buy floor lamps is because of reading and reading nooks. When it comes to the best floor lamp in terms of functionality and design for these nooks, the Sparq Arc is definitely one of the best choices.

Its perfect to place behind the couch, where you really set the mood lighting wise, which furthermore highlights the book in your hands perfectly from behind.

  • It has three different light levels ranging from super bright to soft.
  • It is a good choice for sensitive eyes as the 3,000K warm white color temperature and 2,000 lumens are just the right amount brightness.
  • Standing at roughly 67″ inches with its unique design, it is good choice for home décor purposes as it can match and be incorporated into a variety of different décor styles, like for example modern, urban, minimalist and traditional.

Brightech Sky Floor Lamp: Best Pick For Minimalist Décor

The Brightech Sky Floor Lamp is modern, new, and bright. It’s a taller standing lamp that is meant for living spaces and offices. It directs light upward and fills a whole room with light.

This floor lamp is also dimmable and good for creating a stress-free vibe. This is done with a touch-switch, also used to turn the lamp on and off.

It uses LED lights, that are more energy efficient and last longer. They also tend to be brighter.

The Brightech Sky Floor Lamp doesn’t take up very much space at all. It is generally used to hide behind furniture and is great for smaller living spaces and for those into minimalist décor.

The one big drawback is the price. The Brightech Sky Floor Lamp is usually a little over a hundred dollars, making it one of the more expensive lamps to buy. But it is still good for extra light in any space.

Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp: Multifunctional

The Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp is used as more than just lighting with added shelves and storage space.

Its design is boxy, with an Asian wooden frame and open shelf displays. It is not adjustable, but is dimmable. It also connects with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple SmartKit to turn on and off.

It uses 20-year LED lightbulbs and gives off a warm glow. The Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp is sturdy and practical.

The only downside is that it is not adjustable and can’t be hidden behind furniture. It is used for shelving and lighting, which is practical, but not overly flexible. It is also quite expensive, coming to about a hundred dollars.

While it’s expensive, the Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp is good for styling and creating a warm environment.

Brightech Trilage Floor Lamp: Unique Design

The Brightech Trilage Floor Lamp has a cool, arched design with three, adjustable lights. The lights come up at different heights and can be repositioned to feature separate areas of the room.

It is slim and easily hidden, with warm lighting. This floor lamp can also be used as a styling piece within the home because of it’s multiple lighting possibilities. The lights are also dimmable, with a bright feature and a warm lighting. Each light can be lit individually or together, in random combinations for different moods too.

The Brightech Trilage Floor Lamp is also compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Echo Dot.

The stand itself is not adjustable, and this lamp is the most expensive on our list. While it has many uses and is incredibly practical for the home, it may not be worth it to break the budget.

Boston Harbor Tree Lamp: Industrial Design

So far we’ve been loving Brightech. They’re safe, durable, and have many helping features, but the Boston Harbor Tree Lamp is a great too.

This lamp is definitely a styling piece and was meant to be both used and seen. It comes with three spotlights, that can rotate any direction and pivot 45 degrees to shine light virtually anywhere.

The stand is small and easy to move. The lamp itself is average height. Add to it adjustable lighting and the Boston Harbor Tree Lamp can fit in anywhere.

It is also less than fifty dollars and not hard to install. There aren’t many downsides to the Boston Harbor Tree Lamp.

Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp: Simple and Cheap

Ikea is known for great products and ridiculous instructions, but we actually like their floor lamps. The Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp is a styling piece that adds a soft glow to any room. The shade is made of rice paper and is meant to create a relaxing environment.

This piece is also meant to be seen. The stand is part of the light and cannot be hidden away easily, which is great for style, but not so great for smaller homes.

The Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp is also shorter than most lamps and may not be good for bigger rooms. However, bedrooms and reading nooks are perfect.

It is very inexpensive, coming at less than $30, and you have the option to buy the lamp with or without the bulb. As a styling piece it’s beautiful, but on the scale of practicality it’s low.


Floor lamps come in every make and model with so many extras and added features that there is quite literally a floor lamp for every home.

The key to finding the right floor lamp is to mix style and purpose together to get the best lamp.

Some are good for reading and stress-free days, while others are better for big rooms and standing out. Adding features can add to the cost, but may be worth it. Just consider everything before picking out the perfect floor lamp for you.