We’re no stranger to hammocks here, whether we discuss their many benefits or their different types and usages. Whether you wish to get better quality sleep or just for a restful moment to relieve stress, hammocks are the simple yet elegant way of winding down. There have been a handful of scientific studies that have linked better sleep, proper posture and increase in mental focus & tranquility with regular use of hammocks.

With that in mind we’ve decided to review five of the best hammocks, both for the porch, garden and for the outdoors when camping:

Best Quality: Hammock Sky Brazilian Double

  • Comes in 2 different types, natural and blue/green
  • Created by artisans in Brazil
  • Made of cotton & long-lasting thread
  • Total length, loop to loop, is 144 inches while the bed is 98 Inches Long X 59 Inches Wide
  • Fits two people great
  • Portable (you get a free carry bag)

If you’re looking for a hammock that exudes that natural feel and will wrap you in a “cocoon of weightlessness” this one by Hammock Sky is a great choice for that. Made from quality cotton and skillfully woven with soft, long-lasting thread by artisans in Brazil, its great for two people and couples.

A carry bag is included for portability and is according to the manufacturers, child, family and pet-friendly.

The price isn’t too shabby as the stand is not included and considering the customer service and warranty provided by Hammock Sky. The product has over 2000 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.7+

Runner-Up: Lazy Daze Hammock

  • Double quilted w/pillow
  • Durable and balanced
  • Holds 450 pounds
  • Resistant to rot, mold and mildew
  • Can fit two or more
  • Stand is sold separately

Just by the name, you know this hammock was meant for sleep and comfort. The Lazy Daze Hammock is double quilted polyester fabric with inner padding and an attached pillow.

The end cords are thick and strong, while the ropes are also polyester, not only durable, but provides balance, authenticity, and character. The Lazy Daze Hammock is 78 x 55 inches and can hold up to 450 pounds.

It’s big enough to hold two people or even the whole family if you can fit all of them.

The spreader bar is coated with powder under a finished oil to prevent mold, mildew, and rot, while also making the hammock more stable and durable. The only downside is that the stand is sold separately.

Best Hammock with Stand: OnCloud

  • Includes a stand made from durable pine wood
  • Comes in three different stand sizes: 10.5 ft, 15 ft and 15.5 ft
  • Load capacity varies between the three models, 275 lbs to 440 lbs.
  • Wood is coated with varnish for protection while the steel parts are coated with zinc to support durability under the elements.

All of the hammocks mentioned in this article have been only hammocks without stands. This lovely hammock + stand by OnCloud is our favorite when it comes to the whole package. You can choose between three different sizes when it comes to the stand, 10.5 ft, 15 ft and 15.5 ft.

The design of the 15.5 hammock stand is inverted to support more weight, and the load capacity varies between 275 lbs to 440 lbs depending on which model you choose.

The quality of the design (wood & steel) is good though one reviewer who decided to leave his hammock stand outside the entire winter claimed that when he then decided to use it during the spring, it broke. If you buy it we recommend you disassemble it and bring it inside when the weather gets rough.

Best for Camping: ENO Hammock

  • 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta
  • Durable and strong
  • Holds 400 pounds
  • Good for the environment
  • Can fit two
  • Quite expensive

Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta it remains durable and breathable. Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allow you to put it up virtually anywhere.

The ENO Hammock’s construction is high-quality and can hold up to 400 pounds.

ENO Hammocks also try to reduce the waste of fabric and use every piece in their designs so there are no leftovers to hurt the environment.

The only thing not so relaxing about the ENO Hammock is the cost. This is by far, the most expensive of the hammocks listed. But, it’s well worth it for the high-quality material.

Runner-Up Camping Hammock: Gold Armour

  • Made from nylon fabric
  • Durable as it can hold up to 500 lbs
  • Carry sack is included and easily attachable to the hammock when in use
  • Tree friendly straps to keep nature happy
  • Reasonable price

Made from premium 210T nylon fabric the Gold Armour Camping Hammock is strong, durable and can hold up to 500 pounds. It also comes with a stuff sack, attached right to the hammock to prevent losing it.

Heavy duty carabiners and hammock tree-friendly straps keep the hammock afloat. The seams are also triple-stitched to prevent ripping or breaking.

The Gold Armour Camping Hammock comfortably fits two or more people and comes in many colors. The price is also very reasonable and won’t kill your budget.

This hammock is strong, durable, and great for the outdoors.


Hammocks are great, whether you use them for indoors, the porch and garden or the outdoors for camping. Whether for sleep or for a restful moment, reading or chilling, we recommend that you should have one, especially when most of them are so affordable for most of us.

Happy swinging!