The serene sounds of water trickling down your roof, or sloping up the shoreline are some of the most soothing noises. They can help relax your mind and bring a gentle peace to the normally busy day.

But water just isn’t everywhere.

Not everyone lives by the sea or even a pond. Some may be lucky enough to have the rain once or twice a week, but most of us crave the sound that we so rarely receive.

The easy fix to this is a simple addition to your home, a fountain. Now, traditional fountains are expensive and require a lot of maintenance, but there’s a couple solutions to that too. Did you know you can get fountains for your wall now?

They’re easy to set up, more manageable, and can be put virtually anywhere. So stick with us as we take you through the beforehands, our favorites and the benefits.

What to Consider Before Buying

  • Style: Everyone’s style is different. Some wall fountains look very modern with shiny rims and glowing bubbles. Some are made of stone and simplicity. Work with your home’s theme before buying.
  • Size: Wall fountains tend to be on the larger size. If you haven’t got much extra space in your home, maybe rethink and settle for a small, counter-top fountain.
  • Price: If your budget is limited reconsider. Wall fountains can run as low as $90, but will often soar into the hundreds. A few even go up to the thousands.

Wall fountains are a great addition to your home and could also be beneficial for your mental health, just don’t break your budget along the way.

Our Top Picks

Teardrop Wall Fountain by Make Lemonade

The Make Lemonade wall fountain combines the modern with the classic. Designed with LED lights and a natural stone look, it fuses together with a metallic frame for a chic, positive vibe.

However, this fountain may be more practical than attractive. It can be moved indoors or outdoors. It’s available in charcoal or tan, plus three different styles to fit your own; oval, rectangle, and our personal favorite, teardrop.

This wall fountain is also very durable, and rain-proof. It also has a splash resistant insert to make sure no water escapes.

It’s also smaller than most wall fountains. This model is good for smaller homes or apartments. Also, since the fountain is smaller, so is the cost.

The only big drawback is for those living in cooler temperatures. If your fountain is located outside during freezing weather it can get severely damaged.

Antique Styled Wall Fountain by John Timberland

The John Timberland wall fountain is a classic. It brings a bit of the past to your home. Styled like an elder city, it can fit many vibes from vintage France to beautiful Italian, and even regal England.

This fountain comes in one style but can hold up to six gallons of water. It’s also smaller and lightweight for those with little space or poor wall support.

The base of the fountains contains a cluster of LED lights. Unlike other fountains, this one comes with a water pump and a power cord.

One downside that is noted by the customer reviews is that the fountain does appear to shoot water farther than the basin sometimes. This can be a hassle and a mess, but if you’re putting this fountain near plants, a garden, or on a patio it should be no problem.

Bubblewall Wall Fountain

The Bubblewall wall fountain is all modern and more of an aquarium, but still unsubtly beautiful. Styled with a metallic frame and an iridescent bubble feature, it fits in with any contemporary fashioned home.

It is smaller than most but comes at a heavier cost. This is because of it’s innovative features, including wireless control, bubbling feature, and RGB LED lighting which changes at the push of a button.

This fountain does come with an air pump already included in the device. It requires very minimal setup.

Some do complain that it’s too loud, but this can be changed depending on your space, time, and budget. It also is very expensive, coming close to $300. It’s up to date modern, but with up to date prices.

Adagio Water Features Wall Fountain

The Adagio Water Features wall fountain fits a style not seen often today, antique. It does come with the modern twist of soft, mood lighting and running water, but the overall style seems to have jumped from the walls of the Biltmore Hotel.

The fountain is a vintage bronze to give a classy look, but it comes with halogen lighting that gives a stylish mood. Serene waters flow down onto smooth rocks, and into the anti-clogging system that also prevents extra splashing.

It is very durable and somewhat heavy. The fountain does arrive mostly assembled, but you will have to put the final pieces on yourself. They do include a power cord.

The biggest downside again is cost. It comes close to $500. However, most people say it’s worth it and has become a stunning addition to their homes.

Jersey Home Decor Wall Fountain

The Jersey Home Decor wall fountain was made to be shown off. It’s modern. It’s relevant. And it’s huge. This was a piece designed to liven up a home and make its own style.

It comes with a metallic overhang that gently lets the water run down past a mirror background and color changing lights. The water flow can also be adjusted depending on the mood you’re in all by remote.

It does ship fully assembled. All you’ve got to do is mount it to the wall.

Biggest downsides are the cost and the weight. This wall fountain does take a lot of manual labor to install and comes in at nearly $700. While it makes a great conversation piece, it comes at quite a price.

Adagio Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain

The Adagio Sunrise Springs wall fountain is more art than decoration. Depending on the style you choose it can fit any home.

It comes in Mirror, Featherstone, Marble, or Natural Slate Faces. The Hood and Tray are available in blackened copper, rustic copper, or stainless steel with rounded or squared edges. Pick and choose what you want to fit your style.

The tray is designed to keep water in and prevents splashing. The fountain also comes with soft, halogen lighting. This is perfect for any room or office.

The two things that may get you rethinking this project is the cost and the weight. Coming in at 255 pounds, it’s a struggle to install, and expensive to ship. The cost already climbs close to $2000. This is a high-quality fountain that comes at a high-quality price.

The Upsides of Having a Wall Fountain

While peace and relaxation may be enough to get your interest, wall fountains come with many other benefits.

  • Home Value: Having a wall fountain can increase your home’s value. It makes your space seem more expensive. Prospective buyers will pay more for a nice home.
  • Humidifier: The air in our homes becomes dry over time, but a wall fountain can change that. By naturally releasing moisture into the air it can prevent health issues such as skin irritation and other illness. It’s also great for your plants.
  • Air Quality: It can also fix other air problems. The water creates negative ions that pull in pollen, dust, and many bad things from the air. This improves your indoor air quality.
  • Mental Health: The sound of running water is extremely relaxing and helps people reach their best mental state. It takes the stress away and releases the pressure from the mind.

Wall fountains may be seen as just another home decoration, but they come with so many extra perks, it’s more than worth it.


Wall fountains come with many benefits. They can improve not only our home’s air quality and dryness, but it can improve our own moods and mental health. The running waters create a serene and stress-free environment.

Just make sure to get the right one. Size, style, and price can differ greatly between wall fountains. Don’t destroy your budget for one piece.

Wall fountains range from big to small, heavy to light, and affordable to budget-breaking. They are the calmest focus points in the home and a great source of art. But above all, there is one out there for every home.

If you’re looking for the best tabletop water fountains, we have a guide for that as well!