The internet is overflowing with photoshopped and filtered images of people whose true personalities we know so little about, and yet the entire world worships them, we compare ourselves to them, and we try to live up to their unrealistic and equally filtered standards. It’s difficult to stay immune to the imposed, but illusory images of perfection. So, we feel unworthy, insecure, and imperfect when we should be building inner strength.

We liberate ourselves in our minds when we do something silly or clumsy, or when we make mistakes. It turns into a cycle of self-deprivation and self-love becomes difficult. To get out of this vicious cycle, perhaps it’s time we turn to building a mindset of body positivity and transform our attitude towards our own mirror reflection. Then, perhaps, we can start treating our bodies with more care, respect, and love.

Mindfulness meditation with a positive twist

mindfulness yoga meditation

If you’re already familiar with the incredible benefits of meditation, you can infuse your mindful sessions with a little bit of “body” work, so to speak. As you focus on your breathing and try to diffuse the stress and anxiety that tends to build up, you can start shaping body-positive affirmations that will help you cherish your physique.

“I love my body just the way it is.”


“I love I have my mother’s eyes.”


“I appreciate everything that my body enables me to do, such as breath, dance, walk, see, touch, and smell.”


“I value the health and wellbeing of my body.”

Choose the words that resonate with your own mind the most, and alter them whenever it feels natural. Use your meditative sessions to become more appreciative of your body, and treat it as the temple that it is.

Mirror work paired with affirmations

woman doing make up mirror

How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Do you only do it for practical reasons, whether when applying makeup or brushing your teeth, or do you actually enjoy looking at yourself? If you feel that uncomfortable sensation in your belly whenever you stand in front of a mirror, you’re not alone. You can, however, change that with a little bit of work and a few well-chosen affirmations to love yourself.

Try gazing into your own eyes and take your time appreciating your features. Always look for something to emphasize in your thoughts. It will help you focus on what you love about yourself and notice more things to love, too.

Recognize the care your body needs

Woman doing yoga in nature by the lake

In different stages of your life, your body has different needs. When you’re in adolescence, you need to take better care of your skin to prevent and treat acne. In pregnancy, your hormones will change and your body shape along with them, so vitamins and minerals are a must. In menopause, another wave of changes comes along, and a slew of side-effects with them.

Acknowledge what your body needs in each of those stages. Women in menopause, for example, should nourish their bodies with the best menopause supplements that help balance their gut microbiome and keep night sweats and mood swings at bay. Treating your body with such a high level of awareness and care will help you appreciate it more every day. Most of all, it will help you go through these challenging stages of your life with a more appreciative attitude towards yourself, when you’re most vulnerable and sensitive.

Stop the comparison game

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Sometimes it’s not just about what we should do, but also about what we shouldn’t do to ourselves. Following influencers and fitness stars for inspiration is one thing, but building unrealistic expectations for ourselves by comparing ourselves to these people will do you no good. Remember, you’re not even comparing yourself to an actual person, but an unrealistic, photoshopped and posed version of that person.

“I’ll never have legs like her” or “My abs will never be as ripped as his” will take you nowhere. It’s not a strategy that gives you a healthy meal plan or pays for your Pilates class. It’s merely a way to be mean to yourself because you don’t fit some random standard. Why not show yourself some kindness and say to yourself “My legs need a little extra love today, I’ll apply some nourishing coconut oil” or “I’ll drink a cup of detoxing tea to love my belly just the way it is.”

Reframe your language

all is well

The previous segment neatly connects into the idea of switching to positive self-talk instead of constantly criticizing yourself, and not even being constructive about it. It can be applied not just in situations when you compare yourself to others, but when you’re generally dissatisfied and vent with negative language.

Combining mirror and affirmations with slowly adapting the words you use to describe yourself and talk about yourself will help you change your mindset and build a more positive attitude towards your body and your entire identity.

Final Thoughts

With or without curves, with or without long locks and perky lips, your body is a part of your authentic self, and deserves all the care and love in the world. We spend too much time focusing on what’s supposedly wrong while we neglect what makes us so unique in the first place. Slowly begin to change your mindset with these positive and mindful activities, and in time, you’ll lead a healthy life and love your body more than ever.