In a world that loves staying awake, sleep often goes overlooked. Sleep is wonderful, we all know and feel it intuitively, and the best thing you can do for your sleep is getting a good mattress.

While there are many great mattresses to choose from, the question, which one should I buy often comes to mind. The bigger question is, how do I determine what kind of mattress I need? There are a few things that should be considered before buying.

Decide on price (not too low nor above your limit)

Never start searching for something to buy before considering your budget. It will lead to heartbreak. You’ll find something you love, read all the reviews, look at the pictures and then look at the price. Cue the moment your heart breaks.

There is a simple way to avoid this. If you’re buying a mattress online, you can in most online stores set your price range under the filters.This is incredibly effective and can help save you a number of disappointments.

Mattresses can cost a fortune, but if you’re smart about it, you won’t break your wallet.

Try to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, don’t go too low with what you pay nor above your limit. There’s a sweetspot which only you can decide where it lies.

Consider the details carefully (materials, size, firmness)

Choosing mattress and bed. Close-up of female hand touching and testing mattress in a store.

Look closely at the details.

  • Consider the materials it’s made of, whether you have any allergies, whether you want the material to be eco-friendly and what have you.
  • Consider the size, are you sleeping alone or with a partner.
  • Consider the firmness and softness of the mattress, if you have back problems, a firmer mattress is often the way to go. These details are often found in the description and the reviews.

If you don’t pay attention to these details, sleep could be lost on you forever. Over dramatic? Okay, but we’re serious. Think about the last time you slept on a bed that felt absolutely perfect for you. It could be your last mattress that wore out, a luxurious hotel mattress, or perhaps a great mattress at a friend’s house. Use those impressions and memories to guide you in your search.

Read the reviews

Customer reviews are amazing. Check them out before checking out. If they aren’t filtrated, customer reviews are just the honest opinions of previous buyers.

Don’t look just at the five-star ratings though. Check down the levels all the way down to the one-star ratings and see what was wrong or suboptimal. Their displeasure with the mattress might just be similar to a problem you could have if bought.

The reviews are the angels that give you knowledgeable advice when buying a mattress.

Its easy to get caught in the reviews and never decide which to buy in the end. Looking at what previous buyers have had to say is no doubt good, but don’t let it be your only guiding principle to buying a mattress. Remember that some people demand a lot while others are happy with what they get. Try to read between the lines and go for whatever feels best.

Visit the stores

While online shopping is incredibly appealing with its simplicity don’t be afraid to reach out to actual stores for help. They can provide you with way more hands-on details than a website can, while often giving you honest opinions on which mattresses are the best.

Being in store can also bebe helpful. Often time there are displays of the mattresses that you can test out. Make sure to never go mattress testing at the end of the day though. Every mattress will feel amazing.

The stores will give you the information and the attention you deserve when shopping for your precious sleep.

Never be afraid to contact (message or call) online companies or stores to find out more about your future mattress. Hearing information first hand from honest workers is comforting to say the least during the somewhat trivial process of finding the right mattress. They can guide you through the business’ stock and help you find discounts and hidden items.

Talking to a real person will yield more information than just reading a product description online.

Don’t be shy, test it out (as long as you need to)

Woman testing mattress while smiling

One of the benefits of being instore is the displays. Moving around and testing each mattress, is not only fun, but very inciteful. Moving around in different sleeping positions, such as back, stomach, and side will show you what it’d feel like to have it in your home.

Don’t think that just because you’re ordering online that you have to miss out on the fun though. Most companies have a set amount of time that you can test your mattress at home. This time often runs from 100 days to a full year.

The best companies will take it back for free and provide a full refund.

Without testing your mattress ahead of time there is no possible way to know for sure that you will love it and enjoy sleep-filled nights.


While in the testing faze get really comfortable on the trial mattresses. Stay in a position that you know you sleep in a lot and just wait there. The store probably won’t kick you out until closing time.

Over time, mattresses can change and with that change comes less support. Laying on a test mattress for a long period of time can show you how that change occurs and whether or not it will cause you problems.

If it’s not right after an hour, don’t buy it.


From pricing to chilling, finding the right mattress takes a lot of careful consideration. You are trusting this thing to support you for years to come. It’s gonna be there for birthdays, holidays, stormy days. They’ll be there when you cry, and they’ll be there when you’re laughing your head off. Your mattress is gonna see everything with you.

6 Benefits of a good mattress

That’s why you want something supportive, comforting, relaxing, and that won’t increase your stress levels with the price.

Finding the right mattress can be a daunting task, but if you take careful consideration through the search, you’re bound to discover the mattress that’s best for you.

If you want suggestions for top brands that manufacture quality mattresses, have a look at our reviews of the top 5 mattress to purchase online.