Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays it’s Christmas time! I personally love Christmas. Family and friends get together, eat sweets, and share good times. It’s such a happy season. One of the best things about Christmas though is the decorations.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without your lights, wreaths, and signs of good cheer.

Stick with us as we go through our favorite holiday decor and the best ideas to make this year the best Christmas ever!


Let’s talk about wreaths. Some believe that the wreath has to do with Christianity while others think that Ancient Romans would hang them as a sign of victory after battle. Either way, they’re pretty and festive.

Wreaths are also not that hard to make. They can become a fun and festive DIY for the whole family to enjoy. All you really need are some sticks, string, glue, and pretty flowers, holly, or berries. Extras, like ribbon or bows, can be pretty too.

However, if your season is just too full of good cheer and you find yourself out of time here are some great wreaths, just in time for the holidays.

The Wreath Depot Keene Evergreen and Berry Winter Wreath

This Christmas wreath measures 22 inches across diagonally by 5-7 inches deep. It is approved for indoor and outdoor use and is handcrafted with care.

It is, however, quite expensive and it may be cheaper to DIY.

National Tree Crestwood Spruce Wreath

The wreath measures 24 inches with 160 branch tips for indoor or covered outdoor use. It also comes with pre-strung lights and timer.

It is also fire resistant and non-allergenic. The Christmas wreath is half the cost of the first, and very beautiful.

Teresa’s Collections Traditional Christmas Wreath

This 24 inch Christmas wreath comes in a traditional red and white theme with pre-strung lights and festive attitude.

It is also handmade and great for doors and windows.


There’s something special about Christmas lights, whether they’re inside or outside the home. It’s almost magical the feeling that they bring to the season. Unfortunately, DIYing Christmas lights is a bit more difficult than making a wreath.

Holiday lights come in many different styles, colors, and even patterns today. Some come with timers, while others just twinkle through the night.

Lighting is never more important than at Christmas time, so it’s a good idea to do it right. Here we’ll show our three favorite styles, colors and patterns of lights.

Holiday Wonderland’s Christmas Light Set

This set contains more than 300 multi-colored lights for a happy tree and home. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and have a combined length of 74.5 ft.

They’re inexpensive and add color to the season.

OMGAI Rain Lights

High quality and energy efficient, these tube lights are waterproof, dustproof, and programmable to mimic icicles.

They add a wintery vibe to any holiday and are also used to simulate rain or snow.

ZOIC Fairy Lights

These lights are energy efficient and come to about 500 LEDs. The controller comes with eight patterns and is easy to adjust.

These lights are more expensive, but fit in with any decor.


Let’s face it. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional Christmas tree. The lights, ornaments, soft tree-skirts, and glittering tinsel all add to the festivities in a way no other decoration can.

Some people prefer live trees. With a fresh scent of earthy pine and a natural feel, it’s easy to imagine why. Live trees, however, require a lot of upkeep. They must be watered every day, put in a special stand, and can make a mess.

Others prefer store-bought trees. They’re easy and manageable to take care of, and usually less expensive over time. They are usually guaranteed to handle the hot lights and don’t make a big mess.

The only real problem with store-bought trees is storage. They can be big and bulky, and so are the boxes they come in.

So thinking outside of the box, there are still many good Christmas tree ideas out there.

Ten Waterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

First off, Christmas trees for the walls may not be as exciting, but they’re practical for small homes, and can still be merry and bright.

This tree stands four feet high, with adjustable branches, and a timer to save energy. It takes up less space and is approved for indoor and outdoor use. It is, however, more expensive, and there’s not much room to add decorations to this tree.

Modern Christmas Trees

Christmas trees without the tree. Confusing, right? It’s a thing. Modern Christmas trees are easy to store and easy to assemble.

This tree stands over seven feet tall and comes with silver and white bulbs to decorate. A light is also used to add class and flair to the non-traditional trees. This tree is good for those who don’t have a lot of space or a big budget.

Jaymark Products Christmas Deadwood Twig Tree

This tree is not traditional by any means, but is small, easy to store, and comes pre-lit, meaning less hassle. It stands six feet and comes with 96 LED lights. The tree has also been approved for indoor and outdoor use.

It also has a thin and tall stand, which is better for those with pets and less space for a tree. It is a bit more costly, but works really well for those in need of an alternative Christmas tree.


While it’s not quite Christmas, it is the time to get into the holiday spirit. This means decorations, parties, lights, trees, but most importantly family.

Happy Holidays Everyone!