Let’s be real. Being super stressed out is not fun. Constantly competing with the clock, taking care of everyone else’s needs, juggling work, family, friends, finances, health, sleep…stress has no limits. One thing you can do to help ease your stress and retain a certain level of comfort is by wearing and styling comfort-friendly clothing.

We’ve got 5 easy and effective clothing hacks to support you during times of major stress…

Sort your wardrobe: Don’t love it? Push it to the back

I’m not going to suggest that you take the time out of your schedule to do an entire wardrobe overhaul or clear-out, as you likely do not have the time! But what I will suggest is that you take ten minutes to go through and shift all of your favorite, most versatile pieces to the forefront, and the less loved or more “occasional wear” pieces to the back.

Anything which you don’t or can’t see yourself wearing on a daily basis should be moved to the background. Anything which can be incorporated into a daily outfit, whether a basic or a staple piece should be in your immediate eyeline at the front of the collection.

Aim for a balance of bottoms, tops, outerwear and basics so you can grab one of each and put together a cohesive look without rifling through, making a mess and wasting time. This is a great trick because it means that in the evenings or for special occasions all of your dressier stuff is already tucked away neatly for you to find in one place. It also gives you an idea of what should be tossed out or donated. If it’s been lurking in the back, unworn and passed over for a while…it’s time to go!

Be weather-prepared at every station

Being too hot, too cold, unprotected from the rain or wind or simply not weather-prepared is one way to stress you out and make you feel even more frazzled.

So, you must be prepared…

If you work in an office, keep a backup sweater and rain jacket in your desk or cubby hole. If you’re constantly on the road, driving from here to there, keep a bag in your car with a rain jacket, umbrella, waterproof sneakers and a sweater. This is a practical, somewhat boring tip…but I assure you it makes a huge difference, saving you from getting soaked or freezing.

During in-between seasons where too cool turns into too hot very quickly, stash a spare short-sleeved tee or a cotton blouse in your car, bag or workplace just in case you overdressed for the day and are feeling too hot. This is a great tip for anyone out there who just seems to be on the hotter side of warm most of the time!

Rotate staple pieces to wear everyday

“Staple pieces” such as tailored trousers, skirts, jackets, dresses, dressy jeans, boots and coats can be worn a decent number of times before having to be washed or dry cleaned, (provided the fabrics are high quality and breathable). Staple pieces are crucial because they can be mixed and matched to create different looks with only a few select items and minimal brain power required.

By having a few versatile pieces which fit well, feel comfortable and are appropriate to your lifestyle, you can throw together an outfit in a minute or two, no stress. Pair them with basics (more on that below!) and you’ll never have to rustle through your wardrobe trying to put together a look with a bunch of totally incompatible garments.

To explain a little better, here are four examples of outfits using a few staple pieces and basics:

Outfit one:

  • Black skinny jeans (staple)
  • Plain white or grey v-neck cotton tee (basic)
  • Fitted blazer (staple)
  • Black leather ankle boots (staple)

Outfit two:

  • High-waisted pencil skirt (or a-frame depending on your style and fit preferences) (staple)
  • Plain white or grey v-neck cotton tee (basic)
  • Fitted blazer (staple)
  • Black leather ankle boots (staple)

Outfit three:

  • High-waisted pencil skirt (or a-frame depending on your style and fit preferences) (staple)
  • Linen blouse (basic)
  • Black leather ankle boots (staple)

Outfit four:

  • Black skinny jeans (staple)
  • Plain white or grey v-neck cotton tee (basic)
  • Linen blouse worn open over the tee (basic)
  • Black leather ankle boots (staple)

Here you’ve got four totally distinct looks using mostly the same items, with a few changes here and there. Each look is completely stylish, fresh and comfortable, but put together using a few of the same items simply arranged differently.

By dressing this way and viewing your clothes in a “staples and basics” kind of fashion, you take out the stress of figuring out “a look” and worrying if everything works together or not. You walk out the door knowing that your trusty regulars are working hard to make you look effortless, cool and appropriate for your day ahead. 

Stock up on basics

Basic cotton t-shirts, linen shirts, slips, tanks, long-sleeved tops and plain black ponte pants will really help you to create a comfortable, work-friendly look without a lot of thought.

As long as you have your staple pieces (trousers, dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets, coats and boots) you can use your basics to supplement your staple garments. It can be really frustrating when you’ve got a great skirt or pair of trousers to wear…but you can’t find a suitable top! That’s wear a plain tee or linen blouse comes in.

Or perhaps you’ve got a great dress to wear but it needs a little extra layer beneath for coverage…that’s when you need a plain slip.

Basics make it simple to choose key feature pieces to build a balanced, stylish look in no time at all. Look for high-quality organic cotton basics and buy two or three colors of each.

No stress. Major style. Super comfort.

Have home clothes handy at all times  

Give yourself a break and make sure you have comfy, home-friendly clothes ready and waiting for you to slip into when you get home. After a long, hard day at work or looking after little kids, you want to feel comfortable, comforted and cosy.

A pair of cashmere pants and a loose cotton top will wrap you in warmth and softness, helping you to unwind. Have a couple of pairs of comfy pants and a couple of cozy tops on rotation at all times (one in the wash, one clean!) so you can simply grab them from the drawer or from under your pillow. Let your clothes lead the way and start that stress-easing process at the end of the day.


When you’re super stressed out, you can make your life a little easier by organizing your clothes in a way that does all the work for you. Keep the most versatile, staple pieces in the forefront of your wardrobe, keep lots of layerable basics handy, and have all-weather gear stashed away strategically. And of course, give yourself the gift of soft, cozy home clothes ready and waiting!