A hard workout feels amazing, gets those endorphins flowing and leaves us feeling strong and alive. But if we aren’t wearing the right clothing, it can be downright uncomfortable!

The last thing we want is chafed skin, floppy clothing, sweaty fabrics and ill-fitting cuts which make us constantly tweak, tug and adjust.

Workout clothes should be comfortable, functional and a pleasure to wear. They should be tight but not constricting, soft but not sweaty.

You’ll be pleased to know that we have found a collection of amazing workout clothes for the gym, running, yoga, walking, group training and everything in between!

Here we go…

Sports Bra: Lakhays Organic Cotton Aztec Sunrise Yoga Bra

A comfortable workout bra is absolutely crucial for us ladies, and we are in love with this organic cotton yoga bra by Lakhays. It is made from thick organic cotton designed to be breathable and soft as you move.

Do take note that this particular bra is for low impact activity (such as yoga and weight training), and doesn’t have enough support for running or jumping. But for pilates, yoga, stretching, light walking and strength training, this racer-backed beauty is perfect. It will hold you in, the straps will never fall (thanks to the racer back!) and the bottom band is tight so it won’t slip up as you reach and stretch.

There are three color options, each with a gorgeous Aztec pattern offsetting the base color. Tight, comfy, soft, wireless, pretty, organic…perfect. 

Tight yoga pants: PACT Women’s Stretch Cropped Leggings – Organic Cotton

A pair of tight leggings is an absolute essential when it comes to basically all exercise forms, especially those which require lots of bending, running, jumping and stretching. Skintight pants allow your body to move as though you’re wearing nothing at all, without any loose hems or floppy fabrics to get in the way. Our top pick goes to these amazing yoga leggings from Pact.

Pact is a fantastic brand which uses organic, fair trade materials to make their incredibly comfy activewear and casual wear.

We love these ¾ leggings because they are tight yet oh-so soft (pre-washed organic cotton!) and they are stretch-resistant too. This is great as there’s nothing more irritating than sagging, loose yoga pants!

You can wear these for running, walking, dancing, yoga…absolutely anything. The ideal mixture of comfort, functionality and eco-friendliness. 

Workout top (sleeveless): Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Long Sporty Tanktop

Have you ever bent down to do mountain climbers, downward dog or bear crawls only to find your top hikes up exposing your entire stomach to the population of the gym?! It’s painfully annoying. To remedy this, you need a top which is tight, soft, and long enough to cover your middle as you move to the extremes.

We found the perfect answer with this sleeveless cotton top from Boody. We love this because it’s made from completely sustainable and eco-certified materials (bamboo) and is designed to be kind to the skin with maximum softness and breathability.

What’s more, it’s long, for the specific purpose of covering you when you move and stretch. You can layer this with a looser, long-sleeved top as you warm up, then wear alone when the going gets tough. 

Workout top (long-sleeved): In Touch Organic Cotton Recycled Plastic Long Sleeve Tee (Non GMO, Eco-Friendly)

Long walks on frosty mornings, Winter yoga sessions and chilly days strength training in the gym often require something with a little more coverage to keep you warm and comfy. You may not want to layer a tank with a sweater, but you do want to cover your arms.

No problem. We’ve found an affordable and eco-conscious option, with this long-sleeve tee made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic by In Touch. We’re super impressed by the eco-conscious philosophy upheld by In Touch, everything they do and everything they use is totally responsible and sustainable.

The fit of this top somewhere between relaxed and fitted, not too tight, not too baggy, just right. Oh, and bonus points…there are four pretty color options to choose from.

Workout shorts: Chinfun High Waist, Tummy Control Yoga Shorts for Women

Hot climates and sweaty sessions aren’t always compatible with long workout pants. If you’re more of a workout shorts kinda person, you need a pair which are long enough to prevent chafing between the legs, and high waisted enough to save you from constantly hiking them up (especially during vigorous workouts involving running and jumping).

We love this pair of workout shorts by Chinfun, especially for their high-waisted design which really holds the tummy in and cancels any risk of the waistband creeping down. We also love that they’re slightly longer than other gym shorts (we can’t all wear super cheeky workout shorts!).

The fabric is thick and totally opaque, so you can squat to your heart’s content without worrying about flashing your underwear. As a little bonus detail, they have a pocket to stash your phone as you work out.

Hi-Vis, all-weather running/cycling jacket: Fastorm Women’s Convertible Windproof Running Jacket (with Hi-Vis) 

If you are going to be running, cycling or walking outdoors at night, you absolutely must wear a high visibility jacket or vest. It keeps you safe as cars can clearly see you. Plus, if you find a high-vis jacket which has great protective features then you can double-up on functionality and protect yourself from wind, cold and rain at the same time.

We love this convertible cycling jacket from Fastorm as it converts from a jacket to a sleeveless vest so you can be warm in Winter and cooler in Summer. The softshell design is lightweight yet very protective against wind and very resistant to rain. But most importantly, it is a bright, fluro green/yellow shade with high-vis, reflective details on the back to really let your presence be known. Safety, comfort, functionality and versatility all in one.


We hope you’re inspired by our pick of comfortable, functional workout gear! We aimed for items which are designed to keep you cool, compact, protected and free to move to the extremes which your workouts require of you. Most of the brands we have chosen are very eco-friendly and use materials which care for the planet, local communities, and your body.