Do you get home at the end of a long, eventful day and just want to change into soft, comfy pants and lounge around with a glass of wine? Well, we can’t help you with the wine, but we can absolutely help you with the pants!

We’ve found a range of pants which are simply designed for true home comfort. You can throw them on for a lazy weekend morning at home, snuggle on the couch in them to watch your favorite show, and simply spend time at home in maximum comfort. We’ve got a range of pants to suit different style preferences, all made from fabulously soft and natural (for the most part) fabrics.

Soft and fitted

One of the comfiest styles of lounge pants has a drawstring waist, fitted leg and cuffed ankles. These pants fit the bill, with the added comfort of being made from 100% cashmere. These are the kinds of pants which you can just slip into, throw an oversized tee on top, and you’re in home comfort heaven.

While these pants are completely “home appropriate”, they’ve also got a certain classy style about them too…like home-chic rather than home-sloppy. They come in four shades: grey, caramel, black and creamy white.

Perfect for: anyone who prefers a “fitted-but-not-tight” style, premium materials, ultimate softness and true cosiness.

Loose and baggy

Some people adopt a “baggier the better” attitude toward comfy home pants, and these harem yoga pants are exactly that. They’re super baggy in the leg but tighten with a cuff at the ankle (so you don’t trip over your hem!). We love that they have a flat, fitted, elasticated waistband with no zips, buckles or buttons to bug you…just pull them on.

They’re made from 95% cotton modal and 5% spandex for stretch and give. Modal is a lovely, soft fabric made from spun tree fibers, and when mixed with cotton…it’s comfy, breathable and super soft.

We can see these paired with a simple tank in the summer and a long-sleeved merino top in the colder seasons. There are so many colors to choose from, whether you like dark neutrals or bold brights.

Perfect for: lovers of baggy, roomy, breathable home pants with soft, stretchy waistbands and cuffed ankles. Great if you like to do a little yoga or stretching during your down time at home too.

Cool and breathable

Okay, so this is technically a pajama set, but the pants are so darn comfy and user-friendly we had to include them. Plus, having a matching long-sleeved, lounge-worthy top can’t hurt!

We chose these pants for their stretchy, relaxed fit and forgiving elasticated waistband. They’re not super baggy nor are they fitted, they’re the perfect mix between the two. They’re made from bamboo viscose which is a very breathable, cool fabric which won’t cause you to go up in flames during a hot night, a bout of fever or hot sweats.

Some of us do suffer from overheating at night but we still want to wear something long, soft and cozy…such as these lovelies. For a little design touch, they’re hemmed with satin and come in five sweet colors. We can see these as the kind of pants which you slip into on a Sunday afternoon and don’t get out of them until Monday morning.

Don’t worry about these pants looking too much like PJ’s, they can totally pass for lounge pants if you throw a t-shirt on top and head out to the letterbox or even to the store.

Perfect for: people who get hot and clammy at night or anyone who prefers a relaxed fit and elasticated waistband.

Super baggy, breezy and cool

Now we’re veering away from the lounge-style pant and moving more toward a country-style linen pant. These uber-baggy, ultra-chic cotton linen pants can be worn at home during relaxed nights and leisurely weekends, but they can also be worn out to the markets or to run errands.

You have to love extra-baggy pants to go for these, but even if you don’t, these would be a wonderful place to start. The linen has a beautiful lived-in aesthetic, with pockets and a stretchy waistband for ultimate comfort. The color range is incredible too, with rich turquoise, jewel-toned burgundy and natural beige (among many).

Perfect for: lounging at home and running errands out. Warm, summery climates. Lovers of baggy, breezy pants.

Extra warm, cosy and a little sporty

If you live in a climate which gets super chilly in the mornings and in the evenings, you know how crucial it is to have a pair of extra-insulated pants at the ready to slip into when you get out of bed or home from work. These Adidas pants are our pick for the best fleecy, warm and cosy pants for home.

They’re sporty yet cozy, and entirely reasonable to be worn out and about as well as snuggling and pottering at home. We can see these being paired with a sweater and trainers for a quick walk with the dog, then paired with slippers and an oversized tee for movies and couch dinners. We love the straight, flattering fit and adjustable drawstring waistband. But the best part is the soft, fleece interior which locks warmth next to your skin when you need it most.

Perfect for: cold climates. Sporty tastes. Wearing at home as well as out and about.

Snug legging-style

And finally, we have the classic legging-style pant. We absolutely love that these leggings are made from 90% organic cotton (plus 10% spandex) which is not only responsible but it’s soft and breathable too. Throw these on with a long sweater and some slippers and you’re in home-lounge heaven. Sometimes the comfiest pants are the ones which sit tight and stretchy, like a second skin. These can double as gym, walking or yoga pants too.

Perfect for: eco-friendly buyers. Anyone who prefers a soft legging style over a baggy style. Doubling as workout pants.


Hopefully you’re now inspired to get yourself a new pair of cozy, soft, stretchy, accommodating pants to wear as you spend your much-deserved relaxation time at home and beyond!