A cozy nook in your home is the perfect spot for reading, meditating, resting, journaling, and much more. As you might know, modern reality is this: we all need time to relax and retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life now and then.

In case you don’t have this nook or spot done and figured out yet, here below are some ideas to help you create the perfect nook (or two) in your home. First however let us delve a little bit deeper into why creating a cozy nook in your home is worth it.

Why a nook?

You might wonder why you need a nook in your home when you have sofas, chairs and your really comfy bed that can do just about the same job. Now the beauty of a nook is that it’s a kind of specialized hideaway from the rest of the house and the world at large — a little Narnia, if you will (especially if your nook is inside a closet, which isn’t exactly what we’d recommend exactly) — where you can go to let the rest of the outside world pass you by and simply take a bit of meditative time for yourself to chill.

In a nook this gets a lot easier (and nicer) to do than in a “normal” chair or a big sofa, however big and comfy. Moreover by using a nook for different relaxing activities, you probably won’t continue the unhealthy habit of using your bed for some of those same activities, like say reading, journaling and listening to podcasts, etc. This ends up making your bed lose its identity as a place of rest. Remember, the bed should be for sleep alone, this makes your overall sleep quality much better in the long run.

What will you use the nook for?

Before you decide on a place to use for your nook(s), you need to keep in mind what you will use the nook for. For instance, will it be a cozy reading or journaling nook or a place where you can practice meditation and do some light yoga exercises? Maybe all of the above? Personally I’ve found that the more specialized the nook is (max 3 activities), the more effective it is. For example I have two nooks in my home, one for meditation, playing music and contemplation and another one for reading and resting.

The purpose of the nook will be very important in deciding not only where the nook will be, but also how you will decorate the nook. For example the location of the nook can dictate whether you will need a power outlet for your laptop or to charge your eReader, tablet or not.

Where will the nook be?

Once you’ve decided what you will use the nook for, you can start to look for the perfect spot for your nook. This can range from anywhere from the main living area or a corner of the TV room to your bedroom, the office or even the guest room. If you have an attic that has some space and doesn’t take gymnastics to get into, or a room above the garage, this can also be put to good use.

If you’re going to add some new furniture, now is the time to take measurements. It’s easy enough to move things around if you’re going to use furniture you already have and it doesn’t fit into the nook, but quite a different story if you’re going to get new furniture which you have to pay for!

Here is a special nook for meditation & music. In this case, the neutral color of the green carpet & meditation cushion allows the eyes to relax more easily.

How to decorate the nook

Decorating is probably the most engaging part of creating the nook — let your imagination go wild, while still keeping it down to earth!

If you’ve decided on a reading nook, decide whether you’d like an armchair, would like to flop down in a giant bean bag, or even just sit or lie on some scatter cushions. You can also keep a small bookcase in the nook for the book(s) you’re busy reading or that are next on your reading list.

For a journaling nook, or writing nook, consider getting a lapdesk of some sort if you’re not going to get a desk and chair for the nook but rather a single chair or also sitting on a bean bag or floor. The same goes for a craft nook. Make sure that all your craft materials are stored neatly and even with some creative flair and voilá! For a craft nook you’ll most probably need a desk and chair, though, depending on the hobby you’re going to be pursuing.

Maybe you’d like to create a meditation nook rather. In that case, candles and/or incense and whatever else you use when you meditate and a place to keep them are necessary, while, if you want to create a yoga or exercise nook, you will need a space that is large enough to spread out in.

Think about how you can upcycle or reuse items of furniture in your home that you love, but have no other space or use for. You can even use this time to declutter a bit and find all those old treasures again!

If you are going to upcycle the furniture in your nook, you don’t have to even think about just using a bookshelf as a bookshelf – you can even use an old, wooden ladder to great effect after it’s been sanded down (to get rid of any splinters).

You can even go the extra mile — especially if your nook is under the stairs, for example — and use wallpaper or paint to give the walls a whole other feel. You can also paint the walls with blackboard paint and decorate to your heart’s content with chalk pens. Chalkboard paint is also a great idea when you are planning a kiddies nook.

Photos and trinkets can round off a nook to perfection and make you feel safe and secure while you’re having some me time.

Be sure to choose a theme, though, as “a bit of everything” can soon look cluttered and uninviting. But remember that your nook should be your breakaway from the world, so make it according to your taste!