Crafting over a weekend is always fun, and here are just some craft ideas for every room in your home to get your ideas flowing. Most of these won’t even take longer than a weekend to complete!

The Living Room

A diffuser – Did you know you can make your own diffuser using almond oil, essential oils of your choice, and rattan sticks? Have a look at this article for other ideas on how you can use essential oils in your home.

Scatter cushion covers – Give your décor an update (and give your wallet a breather) by making or designing scatter cushion covers instead of going out to buy them. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube and sites like Bluprint if you get stuck. You can also have a look at this article about starting to sew for your home.

A giant beanbag – Feel like flopping down on a giant bean bag at the end of the day? Or maybe you have a gamer in the family that prefers to sit on one? You can make a beanbag chair or pouffe yourself and have it properly suit your décor and requirements! There are a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, as well as links to some great patterns.

The Hallway

A coat rack – A coat rack, or even hooks to hang coats and jackets on, is a great and creative DIY project for a Saturday. And you can go as out-there or as traditional as you like!

Have a look at these ideas for some inspiration.

Keyrings – Keyrings are something you and the kids can make together. Get out some beads, yarn to make pom poms or even learn some basic macramé.

Have a look at these ideas for some inspiration.

An Organization Station – An organization station or family command station is a great way to keep all your things together that you need to carry with you every day. You can make your own station by using upcycled furniture, some stationery and even include a phone charger or two to make things that much easier when you need to get going in the morning.

Just have a look at this beautiful example, for instance, and see how you will put your own stamp on it.

The Dining Room

The dining room can often feel separate from the rest of the house and not as warm and welcoming as the kitchen, for example. One way to bring warmth into the room, however, is through a table centerpiece.

Table centrepiece – You can always try to keep the centrepiece simple while also celebrating the season or a favourite holiday. Add some scented candles like cinnamon, or other rich scents during winter along with pine cones and small pieces of fir branches.

Lighter scents including those with lemon can be used during summer, along with some flowers from the garden to form a wreath around the candle. In the spring the beautiful blossoms and greenery can speak for themselves and won’t even need a candle to tempt people to come closer!

Here are some great ideas for table centrepieces.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best places to put your DIY and craft skills to use; have a look at these ideas to get your ideas flowing!

Backsplash for the stove – Because this is a small tiling project, it’s also great for a beginner DIY project. Choose some tiles that you like – or even make it from mosaic – and get to work. You’ll have a new backsplash for your stove by the end of the weekend!

For oodles of inspiration, have a look on Pinterest, or the Architecture, Art, Design website.

Mini herb garden – If your kitchen has a windowsill, you can have a mini herb garden in your kitchen. A few small pots with good quality potting soil and some seedlings are all you need! Try basil, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, and mint.

The Bedroom

Make your bedroom your sanctuary, where you can forget about the day

Cloth chandelier – A whimsical and beautifully romantic piece in any room, a cloth chandelier is, in fact, very easy to make! And it doesn’t have to be all white.

A closet-office – If a bedroom needs to double as a study, try and create a small office within one of the closets by taking out any clothing racks and adding a desk, lighting, and your favourite stationery. Then, when it’s time to stop working, all you have to do is close the doors and you won’t have to “see the office” until you work again!

The Bathroom

Mosaic – Mosaic art is a wonderful way of adding personality to your bathroom and is especially attractive when used along with a rustic theme.

Use pre-cut mosaic tiles or cut your own from larger tiles, broken china, etc. and decorate your floor, shower, washbasin or walls with the colourful tiles!

Here are some inspiration and many tutorials can be found on YouTube as well.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to craft projects for your home. And, remember, your home is your true and most reliable place to relax and unwind. Let that shine through in your décor as well!