Most of us don’t have the privilege of doing a home revamp all in one go. This could be because we simply don’t have the time, or the finances, to complete the overhaul.

If you are wanting to give your home a ‘pick me up’ but are feeling too overwhelmed to start, don’t worry. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your house won’t be decorated in a day either. By decorating your home one room at a time, your attention won’t be divided. You can give your full attention to each room, and you will have time to come up with some great décor ideas for your other rooms in the process.

Don’t let yourself become stressed thinking of redecorating, instead, take it slow and work your way through your home. You will eventually reach your end goal without having to splurge out a ton of cash all at once.

Know Where To Start

On paper, make a list of all the rooms in your home that need redecorating. Then rank them in order of first to last. This will be the order in which you will decorate each room. The below guide is made to fit all rooms in the home and will help you clearly and effectively redecorate and utilize the rooms in your home, making them your own.

Make A Floor Plan

By simply illustrating the room into a floor plan, you will be able to decide how you would like to arrange the furniture in the room. Try to keep it to scale as much as you can, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you are sure the pieces will fit and you have a good idea of what the room will look like, it is an effective way to plan.

Have A Budget In Mind

Some rooms will cost more to decorate than others. Try and gauge how much each room will cost and set a budget from there. Don’t buy anything to decorate with until you have a set budget. When you are out shopping at a home décor store, it can be so easy to be caught up in the moment and completely overspend. If you overspend on one room, you will have to steal some of the budget from another room, possibly cutting back on how that room will turn out.

Find Inspiration

Thank goodness for the internet! On top of some beautifully useful home magazines, there are so many sources of inspiration online. The beauty of finding inspiration online is that you can easily save any pictures you like and file them room by room on your laptop.

Once you have found different sources of inspiration, go through the pictures and try to find common themes or items. These could be standing lamps or a certain hue, this would have been what caught your eye in most pictures and would more than likely be what you would want in your own home.

Choose Your Color Schemes

Stock up on paint samples and color guides to help you decide on color schemes for your rooms. A new coat of paint can really liven up a room, and matching your décor to the color schemes can really give you a wonderful end product.

You can have a common theme running throughout the house or make each room its own individual space.

Search For Your Items

Don’t rush off and buy the first item you see. Research and research until you can’t research anymore. Look at local stores, search online stores and wherever else you can. You might be able to pick up a better item than you first wanted, and you might be able to snatch up a great deal.

Don’t underestimate charity stores. Sometimes you can find some absolutely amazing pieces at a charity shop, for a steal. These might need a coat of paint or a small revamp, but it should be cheaper than going out and buying a new piece. Many items at charity stores are antiques, which would be so much more expensive if buying from a retailer.

Schedule Your Purchases

There is no reason for buying ten scatter cushions for delivery on Monday if your sofa is only arriving in two months’ time. A little tip as well – buy your rugs before other furniture – this way you are able to lay it down first and don’t have to worry about lifting and moving furniture to put it down at a later stage.

If you are ordering custom pieces, remember that there might be an extended wait time for them. Take this into account when creating a schedule.

Get Decorating

Now that everything is planned and ready to go, you can get decorating. Set aside one or two days a week to focus on decorating a room. Take your time, don’t stress yourself out. Decorating your home can be a therapeutic experience.

Final Thoughts

Deciding your home needs a revamp can be an overwhelming thought. The truth is that it really doesn’t have to be. With the right amount of planning and thought, you can decorate your home stress-free, and achieve the best result.

Make your home your own. Give it a breath of fresh air that tells you and your families story through textures, furniture, and color. It will be such a rewarding experience at the end of it all, creating a space that fits perfectly into your life, designed