Music has the power to change and empower. It has the power to encapsulate an entire life philosophy in just a couple words and a powerful melody. Music is a great way of relaxing, whether simple relaxation or more existential. Its range is truly marvelous. It can be about fighting depressions or it can be about taking a stroll through nature. Music is an gift and it is our duty to use it wisely and enjoy it thoroughly!

To begin this relaxing song collection, here below is a list of five different songs to relax to. They vary greatly in style and delivery! Enjoy!

Five Relaxing Songs

1. All the Wild Horses by Ray LaMontagne

I’ve been mesmerized and enjoying the voice and musicality of Ray for a long time, this song never seems to go out of fashion. It has an timeless quality to it and is very spiritually soothing to listen to.

All the wild horses symbolize freedom itself, untouched and undisturbed by superficialities of the world. Listen to this one and dissolve in that beauty.

2. Teardrop by Massive Attack

I remember listening to this song when I was in my darkest hours, not so many years ago in fact, though it sometimes feels like that. As with above I enjoyed the soothing quality of this song, but also the enigmatic aspect of it as well. After all these years, this song still manages to calm me down to my soul.

3. Braveheart Soundtrack by James Horner

Oh Braveheart, I suppose this needs no real explaining but If I have to, I’d say the feelings that this tune bestows are the sense of innocence, nature, love and beauty.

4. May it Be by Enya

This is also a beautiful gem from a great movie soundtrack, Enyas voice here is like that of an angel descended to guide us back to the white shores of the great beyond!

5. Into Dust by Mazzy Star

This was initially titled “Five Different Songs of Relaxation” but then I stumbled upon this song by Mazzy Star, a song which I hadn’t listened for many many years, but its beauty and silent delight compelled me to add this song unto this list!

While we’re at it, have a look at another track called “Look on Down From the Bridge” by Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as well.

Life-Bound Friend: A Warm and Relaxing Song by Ayla Nereo

Sometimes all we really need to do is sit and listen to those who have found their way to greater peace and relaxation in their life. Ayla Nereo is one such person. With a combination of haunting vocals and poetic lyrics, she manages to encapsulate what a life lived through deep connection to the self looks like.

Ayla often performs her songs live, using an array of loop-pedals to build her incredible sound. Above is one of her most poignant yet most relaxing tracks – Lifebound Friend.

“My little life-bound friend what can I speak
Your mind is tied in gravity as deep as the ocean
My little life-bound friend, what can I say
There’s so much more, there’s
So much more…

My little life-bound friend, where have you gone?
And who set you down? And do you remember from where you were born?
This little life-bound body that you keep
was never yours, was never yours…

This little life-bound speaking way of speech
but can you tell me, can you tell me what you dream about…
My little life-bound friend, what can I say?
There’s so much more, there’s so much more,
so much more…”

Life is supposed to be flowy and vividly vibrant, Ayla is one with this and her own flow flows easily, her music and dance is a testimony of precisely this “true relaxation”.

Have a look at her website, she has a new album out now! Feel free to support her ?

Three Middle Eastern Musical Pieces for Your Relaxation


Relaxed Kamanche Player playing Eastern Traditional Music

Kamanche Player

One of my favourite musicians is the Kurdish/Iranian kamancheh virtuouso Kayhan KalhorKamancheh is a Iranian bowed string instrument or sometimes what I call as a sadder version of violin, it is a musical instrument with an ancient history, that I’m actually in the process of learning.

That being said, here below I have handpicked three songs and an interview with the master player himself.

I suspect that my predilection towards eastern music is derived from the tenderness, sweet melancholy and elegance that so often is found in them. The scales are exotic, mysterious, yet so relatable.

So with no further a due, here is the man himself Kayhan Kalhor and his unique, elegant, profound musical pieces!

Hopefully these eastern inspired pieces will be a relaxing experience for you.

1. Waiting for the Rain

2. Between the Heavens and Me

3. Kayhan Kalhors way of describing the Desert

There you have it, a couple songs for your enjoyment and relaxation.

P. S. if you have any suggestions for additional relaxing songs to put on this list! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!