Clothing is a necessity in today’s world. Fashion has completely taken over. It’s easy to forget about where our clothing’s coming from when we’re excited to show it off. After all, the right piece can bring an outfit together.

But there’s more to clothing than just what’s trending. There’s the backstory of the clothing itself. Where did it come from? What is it made from? I’m sure the last thing on your mind when your shopping is the environment.

So here are seven eco-friendly companies that are totally safe to shop from.

Alternative Apparel

alternative brand logo

Alternative Apparel creates a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing, but they pride themselves on being eco-friendly.

Their clothes are made with recycled materials, non-toxic dyes, organic fabric, and low water footprint washes. They stand out as leaders in the eco-friendly movement amongst the rest of the businesses who work hard to cut corners.

Amour Vert

amour vert logo text

While maybe not as well known as others on this list, Amour Vert creates a nice selection of eco-friendly clothing mostly for women, but also for men and children.

They’ve made headlines in the fashion world by partnering with American Forest and planting a tree for every t-shirt sold. This can amount to thousands of trees growing thanks to them and their customers.

They are trying their best to cut down carbon emissions one tree at a time.


h-m logo

The most surprising on this list may, in fact, be H&M. I generally don’t think eco-friendly when I think of them, but the times are changing.

H&M is working towards the goal of using only organic cotton by 2020 and they’ve set up environmental policies for their companies and supply chains.

They’re really working hard at turning the company green.


Patagonia logo mountain

Patagonia has always held a high place for good and durable outdoor clothing. It’s no wonder that they want to help the planet.

While they may not be going to the lengths of others, they have secured some policies within their company. Such as producing their clothes in energy-efficient buildings and using sustainable means to transport them.

Their employees can make an extra couple hundred a year just by biking, walking, or taking the bus to work, cutting down on fossil fuels.

People Tree

people tree logo (sustainable and fair trade fashion)

People Tree is unique with their eco-friendly setup. They meet the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. This means that all of their clothing is integrated with organic cotton from pasture to purchase.

Besides just being organic, they use only azo-free dyes and are obsessed with fair trade.

They take the time to check their shipping routes too, choosing the shortest and most efficient ways to get their product to the customer while keeping down their carbon footprint.


reformation logo

Reformation works in more ways than one to be eco-friendly. From keeping their carbon print in check to using natural energy, they go all the way.

They monitor all their products and see how much energy and material it takes to make it. This includes carbon dioxide, water, and waste material. They then change their practices accordingly to cut down on their use.

Reformation buildings also run completely on wind power, a sustainable form of natural energy. To help cut down on energy they use LEDs and Energy Star appliances.

Reformation also wants to get its employees to leave a smaller carbon footprint. By raising their wages and adding incentives, they’ve gotten many people to switch to public transportation.

United by Blue

United by blue

Founded back in 2010, United by Blue has been working diligently to help our planet. They work incredibly hard to keep our oceans clean and our marine life safe.

For every item they sell, they clear one pound of trash and waste from the ocean.

They fund this project and have their own employees go out and save some of that waste from reaching the sea life. Workers have been seen removing tires from rivers and plastic waste from natural sources of water.

Not only do they cut down on waste by removing it, but they use recycled products to make their clothing, even organic cotton and a few other sustainable materials are used.

They are perhaps the most notable company on this list.


Saving the environment is so much bigger than us. It’s about saving our planet, and our future. It’s companies like these that are making the changes we need to see in the world.

Working with organic cotton, sustainable materials, natural energy, and cleaning up nature these companies deserve our respect and support. You can help out too now, just by going shopping.

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes or the right fitting pants, check out these stores that are making a difference for the environment and who are truly eco-friendly. That’s what’s really fashionable.