As we are confronted more and more with the level of damage that humans are causing the environment, we’re all trying to find ways in which we can have a smaller impact on the environment.

With that in mind, here is a list of some eco-friendly products that you can use in and around your home every day.

Eco-friendly in the kitchen

Starting in the kitchen, it soon becomes apparent that a lot of waste is produced here — not just food scraps which can be turned into compost if you have a garden — but also paper plastic waste due to packaging.

Besides creating a meal plan and only buying what you need and will consume so that you don’t throw away food that has gone past its sell-by date, there are now basically an eco-friendly alternative to everything from paper towels to plastic forks and bread bags.

Instead of disposable paper towels, why not use some of these bamboo towels by Bambooee that can be thrown in the wash and used again? In the same breath, you can make mealtimes special and use cloth napkins and also cut down on the number of paper napkins you use. Choose some napkins in your favourite designs or even visit a local craft market or fair to find some handmade table linen. You can also check out Etsy for local, handmade items.

If you look forward to your morning cup of coffee or tea, rather get a reusable travel mug and use reusable pods if your machine uses them. Having a cold beverage? Forget the single-use plastic straws and rather opt for some reusable straws.

Totes and bags

Reusable totes and bags are everywhere, and some are even made as part of upliftment schemes for poorer communities, meaning that you can give back with every bag you buy.

But it’s not just shopping bags that you can buy that’s reusable; you can also get produce and even bread bags which are not only beautiful, but reusable as well. Just look at this natural linen French bread bag, for instance. Once again, Etsy is a great place to get handmade produce and bread bags. You can also visit your local craft or food market to buy bags from local creators. Buying local will mean that you cut down on the carbon emissions needed to transport the bags to you from the maker, for instance.

If you feel creative, though, you can even make your own reusable bags. We especially love the simplicity and look of the French Market Bag and Moscow Market Bag. Why not make a few to take along next time you go shopping?

Eco-friendly in the bathroom

The easiest way to start being eco-friendly in the bathroom is to use towels which are made from ethical sources and by ethical companies. Bamboo towels are very soft and cosy, for instance.

When you shower, you can use a shower timer to make sure that you don’t spend too long under the running water, and you can also use a showerhead, like that from EcoFlow, that saves on the amount of water used during a shower.

Getting rid of shampoo, conditioner and soap in plastic bottles are also easier than it may seem – and can even save you a lot of money! Opt for a bar of shampoo, conditioner, or 2-in-1, like those from Lush, that will not only last a lot of washes, but is also great for taking on camping trips and vacation. When you choose which beauty products to use, also choose those brands that aren’t tested on animals.

Eco-friendly around the home

You can be eco-friendly around your whole home, though, for instance in the bedroom by treating yourself to some new, ethically produced bed linen and pillows. Plus getting a hypoallergenic bamboo mattress topper for your mattress could be another wise eco-friendly choice.

Your lighting can get a makeover by replacing your lightbulbs with longlasting LED lights and using solar lighting for atmosphere and in the garden. If you’re too big a fan of candles to give them up, why not try some soy candles?

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

If you’re planning on going eco-friendly, one of the most important places to begin is your cleaning supplies. There are quite a few great brands of eco-friendly cleaners available to choose from. If you want, you can also make your own cleaners that incorporate essential oils, for instance, to not only clean your home, but keep it smelling fresh.

Here are some of the best eco-friendly cleaning brands:

Eco-friendly around the office

Whether you’re working from home or at an office, being eco-friendly is something you can bring into your everyday work. Use a reusable, lidded coffee mug like this one by Faireach, instead of a cup that you throw away after using it once.

Pack your lunch and use a reusable lunch wrap, like Beeswrap, glass lunch containers or even reusable (BPA-free) plastic sandwich bags. And, if you’re having more than just a sandwich, opt for reusable cutlery, like these from Numu Goods rather than reaching for their plastic counterparts and throwing those away after one meal.


As you’ve witnessed there are lots of options for those who want to live a more eco-friendly life in and around their own homes.

As was stated in the beginning of this article, we human beings have slowly but surely made an damaging impact on nature and the environment. Even though the impact of adopting these eco-friendly products are minimal they are still a step in the right direction.