Where do you go when you need a quiet place to unwind? Well, if you don’t live near a tropical beach or in an alpine forest, but need a beautiful retreat from the cares of the world… look no farther than your own backyard.

This sweet little spot is the perfect getaway and all you need to know is how to make your garden inviting! Once you do this you will create the perfect scene and no one will be able to resist its appeal!

Here are five essential ways to turn your garden into a paradise!

1. Incorporate Resting Areas

If you can’t sit down to take a load off, or even lie down for a nap, how are you going to fully relax? With that in mind, add benches with comfy cushions that are made to withstand the elements. Hang a hammock or a hammock chair under a shade tree. Don’t skimp on quality, as you want something that will be sturdy and comfortable.

If you anticipate sharing your garden paradise with friends and family, make sure you include enough seating so that no one is left standing. These areas should also include tables upon which refreshments can be served or where someone might lay the book they’ve brought to read.


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Plant Flowers… and More Flowers

Raised garden beds like this can be an excellent and simple way of adding more flowers to your garden.

A garden is not a paradise garden without an abundance of flowers. The colors bring beauty and the fragrance they exude is intoxicating and rejuvenating at the same time.

The more flowers you plant, the more butterflies you will attract. Research which flowers mature in your area at different times of the year so that you will always have something in bloom. Include flowers that grow on vines that will twine around a trellis at the entrance to the garden.

When planning your layout, put taller species behind shorter ones so that you can enjoy all the varieties. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of color schemes or mix and match greenery amongst the blooms. It is best to plant perennials so that once you get everything planted, they will return year after year.

3. Add Pathways for Strolling

Lay beautiful stepping stones along a pathway that winds this way and that, to make your garden a fun place to wander around. Plant a low-lying ground cover that can grow around the stones for extra beauty, or if you want something low maintenance, spread pea gravel to fill the gaps so that no one trips and falls.

Make sure the path leads to all the interesting places in your garden. For fun, also include cute directional signs, informational signs about the plants, or signs with inspirational quotes to guide someone through the garden.

Here is a lovely stepping stone(s) that exudes peace and joy, perfect for a garden!

4. Include Fun Garden Decor and Lighting

Do you like whimsical fairies or gnomes? Perhaps a gazing ball would help set the right mood for your Garden Paradise or some Chinese lanterns might provide the perfect touch? Choose decor that reflects your personality and brings beauty, as well as invites light, humor, and spiritual refreshment. It’s okay to have one universal theme throughout the whole garden, or break it into sections and try different ideas in the various sections.

Garden art is the perfect way to create something lasting that will bring much joy to others. Don’t be afraid to experiment with reflective ornaments, animal-inspired attractions, or even panels of fabric or streams of ribbon. There are just so many ways to dress up your garden! Lamp posts or solar lights placed strategically throughout the garden are a great way to make the garden usable after nightfall and lend a special glow.

These cute stuffed LED lights in a jar are great for ambiance during the night time.

5. Integrate a Beautiful Water Feature

Beautiful home garden granite waterfall pond

A water fountain like this, made from granite that exudes serenity and calm, will definitely help in making your garden more paradise-like.

This could be a natural pond, with appropriate filtration, which could provide a home to water lilies and fish. Or perhaps a water fountain or wishing well, with a pump that recycles the water endlessly.

The sound of the water helps to provide a relaxing ambiance to your Garden Paradise, as well as creates interest and a focal point that entices each visitor to stay longer to rejuvenate from the flow of energy that the water gives.

Take special care to make your water feature beautiful and appealing through routine maintenance.

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Well, there you go…

There were our five essentials to turn your garden into a Paradise! I hope you feel inspired to create a place such as this that will not only beautify your backyard, but also refresh your spirit and provide a special retreat when you need it most.