One of the most important places that you should feel most relaxed is in your home. That is the place where you can completely let go, and be in your element. Your home should be the place that you mark with your own unique identity, a place where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.

If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, home decor can be a therapeutic outlet for your body and mind, a pause from the anxious thoughts that’s roaming around in your mind. From painting colors, to lighting, to inspirational pictures or quotes, there are many ways to make your house feel like your own private meditation retreat, without the hassle of leaving it.

Here are some ideas in how you can make your house a little bit more homey and meditative. A place and space where you can also feel at ease from your fears, anxious thoughts and low moods that are inevitably going to come and go.

1. Paint colors

There are a variety of articles on the different paint colors that help relax and perk up your mood. From light blues that mirror the sky, to a light gray or purple that eases tension and increases relaxation, you have a variety of options to choose for your home. Here are just a few options that can help in creating your own personal Zen arena within the comforts of your home.

Light blue

The look of a light blue is a lovely choice, as it truly brightens up the space, and also makes the house feel bigger. For those you may fight panic attacks, having a space feel bigger can assist in easing the rising panic of feeling enclosed in a small place. Blue is an overall peaceful color that truly can brighten a mood and bring a smile to your face.

Light purple

Utilizing a light purple, or even a white tone that has an iridescent touch of purple, is also a lovely color to use. Similar to what lavender does to the senses, purple can bring a sense of relaxation and ease to a home just by looking at it. In fact, just a light touch of purple is reminiscent of lavender itself. Seeing the light coat of purple immediately makes one feel comfortable and ready to rest without worry or anxiety on the mind before bedtime.

Light gray

One final paint color to note is a light gray tone. Gray seems to go particularly well with white crown molding, but it also seems to bring a soothing feeling to a room. Similar to a light tone of blue, gray can make a room feel bigger and less cramped. Aside from just being a relaxing color choice, gray is also pretty modern and really updates a home. A simple touch of gray can really impact the feel and size of room, all while making you feel more relaxed and happier.

2. How to ‘brighten’ your home

Decorating your home can not only control your anxious thoughts, but it can also help establish a more positive atmosphere for yourself and hopefully those who come through the door.

A good tip is to match the home decor to mimic the current season, and you can also use personal pictures of your family to brighten your spirits and mood.

Family photos

framed family photos

If you’re having a particular tough or anxious day, by just looking at your family photos can help to bring a smile to your face. For some family can really help to put things in perspective, what life is about, by seeing their smiling faces can remind you of that. Using family photos also adds a personal touch that visitors enjoy seeing when they come over. It is a great way to add a meaningful touch to your walls, but also bring joy to your soul.

Cozy lighting

You can also ‘brighten’ your home by using recess lighting. Recess lighting is lighting that can be dimmed or brightened by a movable switch. What is nice about recess lights, is that you are not stuck one set level of brightness for your place.

I know once the night time approaches, we like to have a lower level of ambiance in our house. The neon lighting of certain lamps, along with their lack of controlled brightness, can really set a sterile, non-relaxed feeling to a room. Recess lighting helps reflect the level of light you need throughout the day and night. It also is instrumental in creating a nice ambiance that reflects the sort of mood you want to set and feel more relaxed in, especially during the winter. If you’re more into natural lighting, candles work just as well if not better than dimmable lights to create that homey feeling.

Two candles beside a lavender flower

3. Reinforce positivity with inspirational quotes

One final piece to note, is to add inspirational quotes or pictures to your walls. We love little reminders such as, “Every little thing is going to be okay” to remind me that everything always works out in the end. Placing uplifting quotes or photos, helps us all to catch our breaths and to not let anxiety and the stress of everyday life take over.

There are many various online and local retailers who can make personalized designs for your house, should you not be able to find what you are looking for elsewhere. Nothing is impossible, and by putting up positive words and phrases throughout your home, can really help put things into perspective should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or in a depressed state.

Home is where the heart is quote

Final thoughts

There are many ways to make your home a place that you can feel relaxed in. With subtle touches of paint, lighting and home decor, your house can be your own retreat away from the stresses of the world. Rather you have anxiety, depression, or simply just have a stressful day, it is so nice to come home a place that you feel calm and at ease in. Hopefully, these ideas can help you find peace, not just in your world, but also in your soul and mind.