To really cultivate a meditative atmosphere in your home, incense is a great addition. Accompanied with other mindful items like meditation cushions, shawls, buddha statues and the like, incense can really spice things up in your meditation practice.

Incense has been used in ritualistic/religious/spiritual purposes for as long as we’ve had civilisation, that is to say many thousands of years

Whether you choose to have incense for aromatherapy or simple aesthetics, here below you can find a stunning array of beautiful incense holders.

Our best picks

Here are the ones that we’ve found to be the most beautiful and mesmerizing pieces on the web. We’ve chosen them based on aesthetic qualities, creativity and last but not least also by their functionality (ash trays etc.).

Kwan Yin Hand and Lotus Incense Burner

meditation products home

  • Made of celadon
  • Measures 6 x 7 x 2 ¾ inches
  • Weighs approximately 2 lbs.

Even though this beauty was featured in a previous article covering meditation products for homes, I couldn’t help myself but to feature it again here in this list. The lotus flower resting on a relaxed hand is just beautiful.

incense holder illustration logo Interesting incense fact: There are two main types of incense, direct burning incense and indirect burning incense.

Lotus Flower White Ceramic Incense Burner

white lotus flower ceramic incense holder

  • Made of ceramic
  • Burner measures 3 x 3 x 1.25 inches
  • Holds one single incense stick
  • Weighs ca 9 oz.

This simple and lightweight incense holder in the form of a white ceramic lotus flower is a great choice if you’re not looking for something too extravagant or too colourful.

Lotus Petal Incense Burner

lotus petal bronze ceramic

  • Ceramic with colored glaze
  • Weighs about 6 oz
  • Measures 6 x 3 x 3 ¾ inches

Here is another simple design from BuddhaGroove, this time the petal of a lotus flower made also out of ceramic with an bronze colored coating. This one is great one to simply remind you to be mindful and relaxed.

incense holder illustration logoInteresting incense fact: Ancient Egyptians used incense to ward off evil spirits/demons and also as a way of appeasing to the gods.

Lotus Leaf Vintage Incense Stick Holder Cone Ash Catcher Tray with Stable Base

  • Made out of ceramic
  • Has three holes
  • Measures 11.4 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches
  • Weighs approximately 13 ounces

This one is a lotus leaf that also catches the ash remnants of the incense sticks burning above it. You don’t have to worry about dirtying your home with this one. It has an elegant design with a natural “woody” feel to it.

Contemplative Zen Monk Incense Stand and Statue

zen monk contemplating incense holder

  • Detachable burner, piece doubles as statue
  • Made of ceramic with a white glossy finish
  • Measures 10.5 x 5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs approximately 10 ounces

Even though we’re not even half way through this review list of incense holders, I can simply go ahead and spoil the party by proclaiming that this one is definitely the finest one here, at least for me personally! This contemplative Zen monk incense holder / statue is just so meditatively inspiring, it simply compels you to become contemplative and mindful yourself!

incense holder illustration logoInteresting incense fact: During the 14-16th century in Japan, samurai warriors could use incense to perfume their helmet and armor in order to infuse themselves with an aura of invincibility.

Incense Stick Burner Holder (Ash Catcher Tray)

  • Made out of ceramic and porcelain
  • Flower is handmade
  • Weighs ca 6.5 ounces
  • Measures 5.2 x 4.8 x 2 inches

There’s been lots of lotus flowers in this list, perhaps it time for some change. However first this porcelain beauty before we go on our merry way to different incense holders!

Antique Wood Hand Made Double Incense Burner Ash Catcher

  • Catches all ash
  • Handcrafted
  • Weighs around 1 lbs
  • Measures 11.5 x 4 x 1 inches

This awesome handmade incense holder and burner with an ash catcher is a thing of symmetrical and functional beauty! If you’re looking for something to exude wooden beauty, this one is a good choice.

incense holder illustration logoInteresting incense fact: Inhalation of frankincense showed anti-depressive qualities and effects in mice, a 2008 study observed.

Zen Garden Buddha Statue with Glass Tealight Candle & Incense Burner Holder

  • Includes a buddha statue
  • Is a mini zen garden which includes also a tealight candle holder and small stones
  • Weighs about 14 ounces
  • Measures 10 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches

Now we’re spicing things up, this one is not only a incense burner but some sort of a mini Zen garden table with a tealight candle holder as well. Not to mention the little Buddha statue included in the middle.

PIXNOR Handmade Incense Tower Burner

  • Unique “waterfall” design
  • Delicate ceramic
  • Weighs about 13.4 ounces
  • Measures 3.9 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

This incense burner and holder is perhaps the most visually compelling one on the list. The smoke uses back-flow to mimic the flow of a waterfall. A thing of beauty indeed!

Hindu God Shiva in Meditation Round Incense Holder Plate Incense Burner

  • Made out of cold cast resin
  • Features the Hindu God Shiva
  • Weighs ca 14 ounces
  • Measures 5 x 5 x 3.2 inches

Speaking of visually compelling, this one with the Hindu God Shiva, the protector, creator and transformer of the universe, is right up there when it comes to aesthetics. This one is lovely if you want to add a little personality when creating that nice meditative atmosphere in your home.

incense holder illustration logoInteresting incense fact: Incense has been used as time-keepers or clocks of some sort in different cultures.

Willow Leaf Porcelain Incense Stick Holder Cone Ash Catcher Tray

  • Modern minimalistic design
  • Made out of ceramic
  • Weighs about 12 ounces
  • Measures 11.7 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches

Yet another thing of minimalistic and meditative beauty. This time its the leaf of a willow and not of an lotus! If you’re looking for the incense holder that simply fits into your minimalistic home décor, this one is it!

Handcrafted Aluminum Leaf Shape with Buddha Miniature Incense Holder

  • Handcrafted and made out of aluminum
  • Adorned with a small Buddha statue
  • Weighs around 4 ounces
  • Measures 9 x 1 x 2 inches

The beauty is unbearable! This incense holder in shape of a leaf with its amazingly intricate design and patterns is just mesmerizing. It also has a mini Buddha statue meditating on the edge of it.

Handmade Artistic Incense Holder Burner Stick Coil Lotus Ash Catcher Buddhist Water Lily Plate

  • Made out of ceramic
  • 100% hand made
  • Weighs about 1.1 lbs
  • Measures 4.7 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches

I bet you thought we were done with lotus flowers, well we weren’t! This last incense holder on the list is a beautiful handmade ceramic piece depicting a lotus flower in bloom, it has a nice organic feel to it.

incense holder illustration logoInteresting incense fact: A personal tip is to be aware in regards to incense use/abuse, as there are enough scientifically backed observations and indications that proclaim that incense can be detrimental when inhaled in higher amounts or during longer periods of time.


Going through these beautiful incense holders has been a delightful experience, even though we personally haven’t had access to all of them, the ones we did have, we loved.

Hopefully you’ll found some inspiration to get your own incense holder!