Instant ecstasy through meditation? A feeling of intense emotion and pleasure through meditative insight?

Is it possible?


The human mind is a powerful phenomena that has arisen in and from nature.

Pleasure and pain? Both can be induced by the mind at will. If you but know how.

Three reasons why instant ecstasy is possible through meditation

  1. The first and foremost reason is to recognize that the world you perceive and inhabit is wholly produced by the mind and brain.
  2. Second reason is to know that the mind is just about limitless in what it can produce when it comes to the variety in experiences.
  3. Third reason is to know that the mind and brain can be affected through the exercise of will, belief, attention, daily habits, techniques and meditation.

Beautiful girl in yoga pose. Meditation. Vector illustration

After sufficient meditation practice and understanding of myself as consciousness, I came to a state where when I focus all my attention and mental faculties on the sense of presence and the root of the ego, namely the separate self, an intense ecstatic energy arises in the body and mind.

What most people don’t realize is that the state of presence is your essential being, this consciousness and the physical body being witnessed through it.

The key is to witness, without desire nor interest, the source of the mind and all thought.

When you direct your attention to the source of the mind, the thoughts, the sense of being an separate self isolated in time and space somehow seizes in that very moment.

When the separate self momentarily dissolves through meditative insight, this is when the ecstasy fills you for a couple of seconds.

If you can’t access this insight yet, you need to sharpen your meditative eye. Understand what thoughts are and where they arise from.

This means to simply sit down more frequently and witness the inner workings of your psyche. What’s really going on there in the mind.

There is a illusory self which you take yourself to be, this needs to be understood deeply.

There is no shortcut to this understanding. You must do it yourself, by yourself and through yourself.

Meditative insight is simply you witnessing the contents of consciousness, without preference or judgement. The state of presence as it is.

Now I firmly believe that as a human being you can live life either as a person or as presence. The person is a burden with all its notions and projections about life, while presence in its clarity and levity is a joy. Presence is the path which can take you to instant ecstasy. However be wary and know that ecstasy is not the prime goal of the meditation practice, if it is, you’ll most likely become addicted to the experience.

Rather, the chief goal of meditation is the primacy of direct experience or the felt presence of direct experience.

Seeing things as they are. Immediate and clear. Without any extra notions about what it is or what it could be.

Whether the thing you look at is coloured by pain or pleasure, red or blue is not really the point.

Instant ecstasy arises in the body and mind when you learn to direct your attention to the root of separate self. For this you need to understand how your attention works, how it behaves and how to direct it effortlessly.

When you learn this, there is the possibility of an instant understanding emerging of what you are and what you are not. An understanding which ecstatically fulfills you for a split second.