Having less stuff often means having less things to worry about, and thus having less problems. This is at least the case for some of us. Now there’s a reason why minimalism as a lifestyle is growing in the western world, one notable reason is that we’re waking up. We all know by now that the way most of us are living in the developed world is not sustainable in the long run and that a healthy and happy life essentially does not come from objects but from one’s own mindset and outlook on life. Thus the saying “less is more” is apt here.

Considering that we spend most of our time indoors, that is in the comfort of our own homes, minimalist home décor sticks out as a worthy topic to explore. As you might be aware of, the most obvious benefit to having a more minimalist home is that it allows you to have more space for movement, comfort and overall relaxation. But, there are many other benefits to adopting a more minimalist approach to interior design, benefits that are more subtle yet equally important.

In this article we’ve decided to address some of the many lifestyle benefits associated with adopting a more minimalist interior design:

  1. More space – When you live with less stuff, you’re suddenly blessed with having more space to move around and to simply be. This extra space not only benefits you physically but also psychologically. You can breathe in and out easier in the house that you’re living which means less general claustrophobia. Moreover when you have less things occupying the space in your home, you also allow your eyes to experience more “spatial rest” between each object, which furthermore allows you to take in the finer details featured in your home. By eliminating visual confusion and minimizing visual competition amongst the elements in your home, you give rise to an ambience of peace, clarity and relaxation. In other words, less stuff not only provide more physical room; it also highlights details and increases the illusion of extra space to induce relaxation.
  2. More time – You’ll notice that by having less stuff in your vicinity, you’ll subjectively feel that you have more time to do other things. Less maintenance means more free time.
  3. Details become extra important – When you’re decorating with less furniture and stuff, you allow yourself to visually and aesthetically appreciate the diverse elements carefully featured in the design of your home. For example, you’ll have more space to highlight objects that symbolize something more meaningful to you and your family, instead of there being redundant items and objects all over the place.
  4. Inner peace and freedom – Having peace of mind is a way of being, which can and is affected by how the outer/exterior world we inhabit is like. By creating more room outside, you also create more room inside. The less things owned, the less stuff that will own you
  5. Positive energy flows easier – Minimalist design can increase and balance the positive energy in the space you’re living it and allow it to circulate more freely.
  6. Sustainable and environmentally friendly – Less stuff will result in less toxins being present the room, this is good for health and wellbeing. Moreover, by buying and having less furniture will prove to be beneficial to the environment, as our individual consumption decreases.
  7. More organization – When you have less things to keep track of, you’ll promote a more organized space to live and work in. This will be beneficial not only when it comes to locating things in your home but also when it comes to the psychological organization that is taking place in your mind and thoughts.
  8. Live more in the now – By having less things binding and reminding you of your past, the freer you’ll be to enjoy the moment in the here and now. We’re not saying eliminate each thing that has personal value for you, we’re just saying that by having too much of those personal reminders will hinder you from living fully in the present moment, and minimalism is good cure for this dilemma.
  9. Less maintenance – Having less furniture and objects to clean and maintain, will allow for more time to relax and focus on what’s important in life. Less maintenance equals more freedom.
  10. Less spending – Consuming and buying less things to fill your home with will provide you with more financial freedom by this simple formula, less expenditures = more savings.
  11. Higher quality furniture – Instead of buying a bunch of low-quality, b-grade stuff to fill your home with, you’ll buy fewer pieces but of much higher quality.
  12. Minimalism keeps your values in check – By adopting the mindset of having and purchasing less, you’ll decrease the desire within yourself to compete and compare yourself with others, this is a good way to put your materialistic values in check.

Now that we’ve gone through the numerous and succinct benefits to minimalism in the home, you may be wondering, “how can I begin implementing minimalism in my home?

How to Start Minimalism in the Home

One smart way to start is to begin evaluating each and every element taking up space present in your home. This will most likely take a little bit of time, depending on how much stuff you’ve hoarded along the years, but you’ll get through it.

Proceed then by creating a list with different two categories, one named “Stuff to Keep” where you’ll list all things that you deem essential and necessary to your home and lifestyle, and the other category named “Stuff to Eliminate” where you’ll list all the things which you don’t need, things which you find no personal joy in nor serve any genuine purpose in your home and life.

These things to get rid of can be either sold, donated to others or thrown away, it’s up to you.

If you want to learn more have a look at another article on our site on how to create a cozy minimalist home.


Learning to live more minimalistically is a creative process where you learn as you go along. One of biggest lessons that you may encounter is that you’ll learn more about yourself, what makes you happy and what’s truly important in life. Though working towards minimalism may appear and feel like “a tough love” approach in the beginning, you shouldn’t give up.


Well because when you start experiencing all the great benefits just mentioned like inner peace, more freedom to express yourself, more organization, more positivity, increased productivity you’ll definitely thank yourself later on. Less stress will result in more happiness and overall relaxation, the minimalist lifestyle is truly a blessing in disguise.