Objects and symbols can be powerful and in some cases they can carry a meaning which you personally feel spiritually connected with. To wear such spiritually and meditative infused jewelry can remind you to remain mindful and present in whatever situation life puts you in.

If you’re lucky you have one or two friends that are spiritually acute and awake, these are individuals whom merely with their presence bring you into a state of mindfulness. Perhaps you are this one that is the spiritual odd-ball in your group of friends and family, if so, blessings!

Sometimes we show far too little appreciation for the mere existence of the other. There comes a time when the most beautiful thing you as a friend can do is to concretely show that you appreciate and understand him/her for who he/she is.

With that in mind, in this list we’ve hand-picked 10 mesmerizing necklaces and pendants that exude meditativeness, necklaces that you can very well gift to someone you hold dear in your heart, whether its a close friend, your partner, family member or even yourself, quite frankly it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that you show your conscious appreciation and love.

So then, let us begin!

Bud and Blossom Lotus Pendant

lotus flower necklace

One of the big reasons why lotus flowers are so highly esteemed in certain spiritual traditions is because of the symbolism that is derived out of the life span of a lotus flower. The power to rise up from the mud in order to see the beautiful face of the sun in blooming fashion.

Lotus flowers can represent each and every life, the ascension to the beautiful heights of existence. If your friend is going through a hard time, what the buddhist would call the state of suffering, you can find and provide some comfort in the shape of a graceful lotus flower necklace.

  • Made of sterling silver with rhodium plating
  • Lotus measures 0.625 x 0.625 inches
  • Crafted in Thailand

Kybalion Pendant Necklace (Tree of Life)

“As above, so below, As within, so with out.” This is one of the most potent spiritual quotes out there. It brings the macrocosm and microcosm together by attempting to dissolve the dualistic mindset prevalent in us humans.

If I’m not mistaken it was the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus that is known for having uttered these timeless words. In fact these same words were a core tenet of the esoteric mystical tradition in hermeticism.

That being said, taking into consideration the tree of life as the background to the quote, this necklace is an excellent gift choice if you want to inspire unity and peace of mind.

  • Made of zinc ally and silver plating
  • Measures 1.37 inches in diameter (pendant); 19.5+1.9 inches (rope chain)

White Chalcedony Gemstone Point Pendant Necklace

white gemstone necklace

Some people believe that crystals, stones, gems have inherent powers residing within them, as some are supposed to be good for healing while other good for attracting love and what have you. Whether this is true or not is definitely up for grabs, however, what can be said to be true is one’s own subjective capacity to project meaning and quality to the surrounding world.

In other words, if you decide that this gemstone has a special meaning and quality to it that you feel, then in a subjective sense that is precisely what it is.

Crystals are compelling, they feel so primordial and so at home in the natural world. This necklace can be a great choice to gift to someone who’s in a state of healing. This would indeed be perfect.

  • Sterling silver with white chalcedony gemstone
  • Pendant measures 1.125 x 0.625 inches
  • Chain is 16 inches long, has 2-inch extension

Labradorite Tear Shaped Gem Necklace

Speaking of the power of gems… This one is just beautiful.

Oh and did you know that Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, in one his dialogues described that our capacity for appreciating everyday beauty that we can perceive with our senses are merely hints to and reflections of a deeper more timeless spiritual beauty.

I agree with him wholeheartedly.

  • Choose the desired gemstone (labradorite, amethyst, kyanite etc.)
  • Stainless steel snake chain

Inspirational Bar Necklace (Silver)

choose joy necklace

Sometimes we just need to make a darn choice to be free and happy. Simply to bypass all that weight that your luggage inevitably brings, whether good or bad. We all need to just sometimes see beyond our history, choices, memories, actions, failures, success, dreams into the light of day and just smile.

This necklace is a excellent choice to give someone that you know is going through a hard time. Someone who is struggling with his/her own inner demons and need a push in the right direction.

  • 16 inches long with 2 inches extra for adjustable length
  • Necklace measures 18 inches long total
  • Necklace tag measures 1 1/8 x ½ inches
  • Made in India

Textured Bar Necklace with Mantra, Be Here Now

be here now necklace

We’ve discussed being here now and yet here we are again. Can you be anywhere else than here and now?

This bar necklace with the powerful meditative words “be here now” is a perfect choice to give someone who has a hard time simply being present in the moment, someone who’s always distracted by things in their vicinity or their own psychological noise and thoughts.

Giving them this with a simple smile would do the trick!

  • Made of brass with metal plating
  • Choose from rose gold or silver color
  • Pendant measures 1 x ¼ inches
  • Necklace is 20 inches long total
  • Three settings for adjustable length

Zen Circle Necklace With Sparkling Blue Topaz

enso circle necklace with blue topaz in middle

Have we mentioned the word beauty in this article? I think we have, but just to reiterate the absolutely obvious. This handmade Zen enso circle is a thing of elegant beauty. Even though I think it’s a bit too pricey, I couldn’t help myself to leave it out from this list.

I mean just looking at it brings your mind into a state of equilibrium and balance, don’t you think?

  • Sterling silver with blue topaz gemstone
  • Pendant measures 1 x 1 inches
  • Necklace chain is 16-18 inches, adjustable
  • Handmade in the USA

Sterling Silver Buddha Silhouette Necklace

necklace with the Buddha meditating in centre

My friend the Buddha, dear Siddartha Gautama, visit us again! And he’s always so welcome to do so. One of the greatest mystics and masters to walk the earth. If this necklace isn’t a meditation necklace, I don’t know what is.

This is a great choice to give someone that you know is attracted and feels connected to the historical figure of Buddha and buddhism.

  • Made of sterling silver
  • Chain is 18 inches long, spring ring clasp
  • Pendant is about 0.5 inches across
  • Pendant is made in Thailand

Keep the Peace Within, Sterling Silver Necklace

keep the peace within quote necklace

“Keep the peace within yourself, then… bring peace to others.” – Thomas Kempis

Words that the Buddha just as might have said but in fact was spoken by the 15th century German-Dutch mystic and author. In fact Thomas Kempis was a Buddha, meaning he was a awakened one. These words reflect that.

If you know someone that needs to get his shit together (excuse my french) first and save the world second, this powerful necklace is an ideal choice for that.

  • 15th century quote by monk inscribed
  • Chain is 18 inches long, pendant is 1 inch wide
  • Necklace hangs 16 inches when knotted on pendant
  • Handmade in USA

Tibetan Cedar Yoga Meditation Beads Mala Necklace

We’re no stranger to mala beads here on TrueRelaxations, and this time we’ll end this overview with a fine Tibetan mala beads that can be used among other things as a pretty necklace.

Mala beads are diverse and multi-dimensional, as you can wear them for the sake of the aesthetics but also for practicing meditations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations.

Yoga lovers are suckers for these 108 layered beauties, so if you know someone who does yoga but still doesn’t have a mala bead around his/her neck, this is would be a great time to make your appreciation and understanding of them be known!

  • Made from cedar wood
  • Choice between desired spiritual symbol
  • Can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as bracelet

Final Thoughts

To give a gift to someone you care for is a beautiful thing and it is also an ancient thing. Human beings have been providing gifts to each in order to bridge differences and to welcome others into their own community of friendship, love and kindness for thousands of years.

Hopefully these meditative necklaces can provide your friend and yourself with daily meditative inspiration, keeping you balanced on life’s spontaneously amazing path to liberation.