A Handful of Meditative Items to Inspire Your CreativityCreativity and spontaneity are the driving forces of life and when we’re not being naturally creative and spontaneous, this can at times result in a unpleasant sense of disconnection or disharmony with life.

Sometimes we all fall into the habit of monotonous living, and it is precisely at these times that we need a “zen slap” to wake us up to the innate creativity within nature and therefore within ourselves.

This article features 5 meditatively infused products that can hopefully help you in boosting your creativity.

Let’s dive into it!

Zen Water Painting Set

This first one is definitely our favourite.

This buddha board accompanied with an elegant bamboo brush is great if you just want to express yourself through this spontaneity I just mentioned above.

Sometimes what hinders our creativity isn’t necessarily the lack of “creative juice” but the lack of expressing yourself. Painting with water as is the purpose with this meditative board above is one of the smoothest ways of going about sparking your creativity.

Not only that, it also allows for a more relaxed attitude towards life. One of the main points of drawing with water, I feel, is the conscious knowing that nothing in life can remain exactly as it is.

In other words, everything changes, so why not embrace it with meditative style!

Zen Garden

While we’re on the topic of drawing and impermanence, a zen garden is another option that can offer a relaxed sense of spontaneous expression.

Desktop zen gardens feature a sandbox accompanied with a variety of pebbles that one can place and decorate as one wishes. Plus there’s the bamboo stick to move and stir things around with.

When it comes to creativity, oftentimes what one needs to do is to unblock energies that have been accumulated by monotonous habits of everyday life. Having a zen garden offers a spontaneous way of doing that by allowing you to express yourself in ways you even didn’t knew you could.

Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe

This globe of wishes and gratitude, is an interesting pick that we’ve decided to feature on this list. The concept is simple, yet quite powerful when it comes to activating and unleashing positive energies that can lead to higher creativity in your life.

Moreover, gratitude is a very powerful emotion and state of mind, and this globe allows one to manifest that gratitude into one spherical container which you can return to whenever you feel overly distracted or confused in your day-to-day living.

In other words, creative living can manifest much more easily if gratitude and positive thoughts/wishes are a part of it.

Calming Colorful Patterns, Coloring Book

Here we have yet another drawing item or in this case more correctly, a coloring book. The reason why art, drawing and coloring has been featured rather frequently in this list of meditative items, is because it works. Whether you decide to use art for relieving anxiety and stress, or to simply be in the moment. It just works.

When it comes to creativity, this relaxing calming doodle book with its intricate patterns will definitely stimulate some inventiveness and imagination in your mind.

Mala Beads

Have you heard of mala beads, also known as worry beads? If not mala beads are meditative tools that help you train your attention and focus. By combining both “sense-objects” and “thought-objects” mala beads allow your mind to become, what’s called in Zen, one-pointed.

We feel that Mala beads can indirectly benefit your creativity by taming the overthinking monkey-mind that floats around in your head.

Creativity can also sometimes be constrained due to the cloud of “mind-chatter” present in one’s life, and training oneself to go beyond that can in some cases trigger dormant creative acts waiting to surface.

Final Thoughts

It is easy for us to feel distant to our own innate creativity as people in the modern world.

This society that we’ve created for ourselves can easily lead to the dulling of your senses and the weakening of your spirit by turning you into a mere worker bee working for future-projected profit.

Creativity doesn’t have to be the creation of masterpieces, each creative act doesn’t have to possess the utmost quality and uniqueness. Rather creativity can and should be a inherent quality of your day to day living. Surprising yourself with spontaneous words, thoughts, actions and sensations is one of the ways of perpetually being creative.

how to live more vividly

There may come a time when we need to reclaim our minds, reclaim and reframe it so that we can live more spiritually, spontaneously and vividly.

Hopefully these special accessories and items that we’ve listed above will prove beneficial for you, i.e. to help you to be more in tune with the dance of existence.