Massages are easily one of the greatest gifts to receive. They’re relaxing, and help to loosen up the muscles. They just feel amazing, and everyone feels great afterward. But massages can’t just be given anywhere. Or can they?

Portable massage tables are the ticket to everlasting massage experiences. They’re foldable, stackable, and easy to transport.

Their use is not just limited for at home, or vacations, many businesses use them as well. Marathons, spa resorts, and many sporting activities use portable massage tables. It’s just as easy for me to get my hands on one.

Stay with me as I guide you through the benefits, uses, and best portable massage tables.

Benefits of Portable Massage Tables

Stress is all around us in this busy world. Massages are a great way to relax and take a break. Still at work? Still at that block party? Don’t want to lay on the rock hard ground? No worries. The massage table is there because it’s portable.

They’re strategic for massage therapists to use, with their maximum comfort and cushions of coziness, they can easily work out any tight muscles or tense joints, without having to maneuver around the body so much. It’s better for you and your masseuse.

Portable massage tables are also incredibly easy to handle. They’re lightweight, most of them made with aluminum, and they’re foldable for easy storage.

I can easily stack three or four of them for my whole family.

Portable massage tables are the ultimate goal in relaxation, making it possible to get a massage anywhere, anytime.

What to Consider When Buying

As great as they are, there are a few things to consider first, before buying. Price, size, and weight stability are the big three.

Portable massage tables aren’t exactly cheap. Most prices range from $80-$120. While others can reach up to $300 to $500. It all depends on the one that seems the best fit for you but definitely take into account the price before you start looking over the perks.

Size is another matter. While they are easy to store, they also have to fit all of you. If you’re taller, wider, or just overall bigger getting the right size is really important.

Weight stability is perhaps most important when considering purchasing a portable massage table. As lightweight as they are they need to hold your weight. This can easily be at least a hundred pounds. Make sure the table you get can hold you.

If you’ve taken into account these three things, then let’s move on to our top picks.

Our Five Best Picks

Portable Massage Tables come with many benefits for both you and your masseuse.

Picking the best portable massage table for you is a daunting task, but we’ve already done some of the work for you. Here are our top picks.

1. Cavalier Aluminum Massage Table

The Cavalier aluminum massage table is first on the list. It’s relaxing with foam sponges to keep you uplifted and comfortable. It comes with a handrest and headrest. Best of all, it can be folded into one small carrying case.

This massage table allows you to adjust the height to make it easier for your masseuse, and it can hold up to 450 pounds.

While most portable massage tables are pretty light, the weight of the Cavalier aluminum table comes in at roughly 30 pounds. There have been complaints that some people cannot lift it easily, but the carrying case may make an easy solution.

Perhaps the best feature of the Cavalier aluminum table is the price. It comes in at just under $100, making it one of the cheapest portable massage tables.

2. Cavalier Wooden Massage Table

The Cavalier wooden massage table is much like the aluminum, with a few key differences. It still has the high-density foam, a headrest, a handrest, and it can be folded into a decent carrying case.

The wooden table does come with more perks than the aluminum table. For one, the headrest is adjustable. It also comes with a storage pouch and towel bar.

It can hold up to 450 pounds and weighs roughly 40. There have been some complaints about it’s folding size, but this shouldn’t make it too difficult to transport. The best perk is the price. It’s the same as the aluminum table, making it more affordable to get the extra benefits.

3. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table

The STRONGLITE portable massage table is wooden, foldable, and made with responsive cushioning, hand upholstered, and available in three colors. STRONGLITE is a dependable brand, stress-testing each product to make sure that it can handle weight and travel.

It can hold up to 450 pounds and includes extra benefits such as a face cradle, a pillow, and a carrying case. Made from solid hardwood beech, this table is extremely durable and strong.

This quality does come with its price. The STRONGLITE portable massage table comes in at about $220, but it is high-quality.

4. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

The EARTHLITE portable massage table is eco-friendly, made from hard maple, and is also foldable. It comes with a patented adjustable headrest. Originally designed for professionals, it has non-slip hardwood legs and ergonomic knobs.

It can hold between 600 and 800 pounds, making it extremely strong and durable. It weighs roughly 50 pounds, however, making it somewhat difficult to transport.

This comfort, quality, and durability does come at a high cost. The EARTHLITE portable massage table is just over $300 making it one of the more expensive massage tables.

5. 3B Scientific Portable Massage Table

The 3B Scientific portable massage table is the most basic massage table on this list. While being incredibly boring, it does come with a few perks. One of the biggest is its size. Most tables are about 3ft wide and 5-6ft long. The 3B Scientific table is 4ft wide, 6ft long, and very spacious for a lot of movement.

It lays close to the ground, less than two feet, and it weighs far more than the rest on this list, coming in at 80 pounds. It can only hold about 350 pounds.

This table is also the most expensive, at roughly $560. Overall, other portable massage tables on this list are far more superior, but the extra space may be worth it depending on your size and stature.


Portable massage tables are a necessity for any massage loving home. They’re easy enough to move, to set up, and they can handle a lot of weight. Some come with extra benefits, such as adjustable headrests, extra pillows, storage cases, and towel bars.

But make sure you get the best fit for you, taking into account size, prize, and durability. Some can handle more weight, and some come at quite a cost. It’s important to think before you buy.

Overall, portable massage tables are great for both you and your masseuse, being adjustable, providing comfort, and easily transported. And you don’t have to break your wallet to get one. So gift yourself a massage today, anytime, anywhere.