Floating has a range of emotional, mental and physical benefits. These include reducing body aches and pain, helping with inflammation, eliminating toxins, and assisting with insomnia, depression and anxiety.

  • Epsom salts are known for their therapeutic and calming effect on the nervous system. Sodium, potassium and calcium levels are balanced in a flotation tank.
  • War veterans are commonly finding release from PTSD with flotation tanks.
  • Float tanks have been known to assist with chronic aches and pain and sporting injuries.
  • Increased creativity, focus and concentration, and improved relationships can result from floating. Meditation is more intense, and becomes easier.

Float tanks are the ultimate relaxation experience!

Once you have tried floating for a while you may become hooked! If you are a regular floater, it may be more convenient and cost effective to purchase a residential tank for use at home. This way you can float in complete privacy, whenever you like – and for as long as you like!

It is more affordable than you may at first think. If you are a once a week floater, paying $70 per float, the Zen Float tank will pay for itself after six months. And you can use it as often as you like, in the privacy of your own home!

While the Zen Float Tanks start at $1,850 commercial float tanks can range from $10,000 to $30,000.

Here are some reviews of the more popular residential float tanks.

Zen Float Tent


Prices start from $1,850

Zen Float Company was started in April 2014. The owners sought funding in order to bring an affordable residential floatation tank to market.

To raise capital for their venture a kickstart campaign was launched and within 30 days it was funded. Their first portable home float tank was delivered in October 2014. Totally portable, these tanks are ideal for both home owners and renters.

The tent takes 10 inches of water. It is pitch blackness inside. When you use earplugs, you will hear very little – just your heart beat and maybe your eyelids fluttering. You have total peace and relaxation!

The Zen Float tent comes in four different packages. Hundreds of floaters have purchased these tanks and are now able to float regularly in the comfort of their own homes.


“I love my Zen Float Tent! It’s been great and taken my floating to a whole new level of enjoyment and convenience. The Zen Float Tent is an awesome tool for combatting anxiety & channeling focus. An absolute game changer.” – Dann D

As a Vipassana meditator, I have meditated 1000+ hours in my life. It is hard!  I also have body pain.  The Float Tent eliminates my pain from sitting or kneeling and lets me get into the Theta brain state more easily, more often. ” Christina M

The Zen Float Tank North America Version

Priced at just $1850

Comes with a 10-year warranty and include a complete filtration system, temperature control, D-Rings for water bottle and towels, a mechanical filter, and an ultra violet filter. Made from polished stainless steel.

The voltage is 240v 50Hz

Delivery to North America is included.

zen float tank

The Zen Float Tank International Version

Priced at just $1850

The international version of the Zen Float Tank comes with a 10-year warranty and include a complete filtration system, temperature control, D-Rings for water bottle and towels, a mechanical filter, and an ultra violet filter. It is made from polished stainless steel.

The voltage is 240v 50Hz. Please note that circuit breakers are not included for electrical safety reasons.

The International version cost does not include delivery.

Zen Float Tent + 850lbs. Epsom Salt Combo


Delivers to lower 48 United states

Upgraded version 1.5 (120v – 60 Hz)

This package is a great deal and comes with all of the Epsom salt that you need. There is nothing else whatsoever that you need to purchase.

The Zen Float Tent Combo offer includes a 10-year warranty, complete filtration system, temperature control, D-Rings for water bottle and towels, a mechanical filter, and an ultra violet filter. It is made from polished stainless steel.

A Bonus pack comes with the package for a limited time. The bonus pack includes filter bags, test strip bottles, complete in depth water care maintenance guide, underwater headphones, leave in hair conditioner and a lift gate service.

Zen Float Tank (Inflatable Deluxe Model)

Priced at 4,200$

This is the newest edition of the Zen float co. Stylistically and functionally it is probably the smoothest one on their list and is officially labeled as a “tank” instead of the previous ones which were described as “tents”.

This design fits into any room from a aesthetic standpoint and the new inflatable technology makes the instalment of the tank easier than ever.

Additional details

  • Shipments begin in march 2019 and is available to the whole world
  • The float measures 9’9 x 4’9 x 6’2 when fully inflated
  • Comes in two versions: north american and international

Here is a good video from the company themselves describing their newest product in more detail:

Finance for all versions of the Zen Float Tent is available through Zen Float Co.

Float Lab


Prices start at $45.000 to $53.500 depending on the width, length and height of the tank/chamber you prefer.

Expensive? Yes, to say the least, but these commercial float tanks, or more correctly put, chambers from Float Lab are definitely the best made floatation tanks on this list. High quality designs, perfect for long-term usage in a home where you’ve got the space and see yourself living in many years to come. If you’ve got the money and the space (as the minimum space needed is 160 sq feet for the chamber, equipment room, and shower/changing area), consider Float Lab.

Aside from the different sizes that you can choose from, the chambers also come in different Hz configurations (50 & 60), colors, and materials to satisfy all aesthetic requirements.

Moreover all the tanks have an inbuilt cleaning system, so you don’t need to worry about contaminates and microorganisms thriving inside the tank.

They ship their products anywhere in the world and offer a 3-year warranty.

Float Pod


Prices start from $535 per month. Total cost to buy outright ranges from $7,700 through to $32,000.

The Float Pod® is the first mass produced flotation tank organisation in the United States.

The Pods have a 10 year warranty on structure, 5 years on parts and 1 year on surface. Float Pod® has been in existence for over 30 years and is a top-quality product.

Float Pad supplies eight varieties of floatation tanks.

Experience zero-gravity, total relaxation and improved sleep in a Float Pod flotation device.

Examples of their popular flotation tanks are:



Made in the USA, this flotation tank has dimensions of 240 cm x 120 cm. The rectangular shape makes it easy to find an area for in your home. The tank is lightproof, lightweight and portable.


Priced at $18,000

UV treated with an Ipod and MP3 docking station, this flotation tank also comes with a parts replacement kit, motion sensor, heating during session, and a lobby control system. 

Royal Spa


Prices start from $6,950

Royal Spa provide quality luxury products. As well as flotation tanks, their range also includes hot tubs, spas and gazebos. They are also providers of custom made float rooms!

The company was founded in 1981 and is based in Indiana, USA.

Experience deep relation, a weightless experience and an extreme feeling of calm in a Royal Spa flotation tank.

Personal Float Tank


  • 24/7 filtration (when not in use)
  • O3 Purification
  • I-Pod and MP3 player capable
  • Enhanced Air Flow Control
  • Simple LED light
  • All components built into Pod body
  • 40-year structural warrant
  • 6 Year warranty on parts

This long-lasting float tank is backed by a 40-year structural guarantee. It is made of fiberglass, and is leak resistance.

Royal Spa will even supply custom float rooms! These are designed for floaters who do not want to be enclosed. The float room contains a 78” x 117.5” flotation tank. The tank is 24 inches tall. The float room is priced at $11,000.00.

There are many several types of tanks on the market for seasoned floaters with a range of different prices and options available. Having a float tank at home is the ultimate in relaxation and therapy. Benefits are huge.

All of the above tanks are quality tanks. The Zen float tank system is certainly the most economically competitive – at $1,850.00 the price is hard to beat.

*   All prices and offers listed are current as of 23 April 2016 and are subject to change.


Floating at home has never been easier. Even though there is still a hefty price tag attached to most float tanks, the technology is advancing and the market is growing, which means that in the near future it will become more available to the general public to have at home.

The Zen Float company are probably the leading ones in bringing affordable yet high quality float tanks to the homes of hardworking people looking for some well-deserved relaxations.

We wish you the best and happy times floating!