Soundproof? Hmm maybe not…

Sound dampening? Yes, that’s more like it!

The first thing you should know, unless some major advances has been made in the technology behind soundproofing, is that to my knowledge there is no such thing as “sound-proof” curtains. Though some would argue that these curtains do next to nothing to lower the outside incoming noise from a decibel (volume) standpoint, my own experience however and for that matter many others on the internet is that they do have a noticeable effect, even if its not in the same level as soundproofed windows.

As I mentioned above, perhaps it would be better to regard these curtains as noise dampening and some sort of an acoustic treatment instead, which isn’t too bad either.

That being said, if you live in a noisy neighborhood and can’t sleep at night, you should consider combining sound-dampening curtains with soundproofed windows, this would allow you to transform your home into a perfect little sanctuary for you and your precious family.

Do they really work?

Soundproof curtains do indeed work, but as mentioned above, one shouldn’t expect magical effects merely by closing the curtains when its deafening outside, however what you are entitled to expect is at least “something to happen, that is of course if you buy the right quality curtains!

A basic soundproofing principle is that any material that is sufficiently thick, though some material are more effective than others, will to some extent block sound.

Manufacturers of soundproof curtains will therefore create curtains that are quite thick, heavy, and rigid to the touch, and since we are talking about curtains, they will also give considerable attention to the inescapable aesthetic aspects from a home décor perspective.

Having said that, what these curtains are really good for is something called “acoustic treatment”, which is a term that refers to the improvement of the acoustics within a room by using sound-absorptive material and shapes that reduce echoes that bounce of walls and other solid surfaces.

Now that we’ve gotten a bit smarter about the effectiveness of these curtains, lets find the best ones that you can decorate your rooms with.

The best quality soundproof curtains

Finding the best curtains can be tricky…  Important factors like budget and the “architecture” of your room could very much affect your final choice of purchase.

To help you in your search for the best soundproof curtains here are our 5 best picks:

Absolute Zero 50×84 Velvet Room Darkening

818qcY8Zc9L._SY879_.jpg (608×879)If you are on a budget and looking for cheap set of big and solid curtains, or if you’re just simply rather sceptical about the effectiveness of the soundproofing technology, a great set of curtains to kick things off would be the Absolute Zero 50×84 Velvet Room Darkening curtains.

They are made out of 100% polyester and does a decent job of keeping light out and the temperature at bay.

Even though some reviewers have been critical of these curtains from a sound-dampening standpoint, we still found them to be a inexpensive alternative to mention on our list.

Weighs about 2 pounds.



  • Decent quality
  • Good for darkening your room
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Easy to wash
  • Blocks out light



  • Cheap
  • Isn’t made out of the best sound-absorptive material
  • The fabric is suspect

Living Room Blackout Soundproof Velvet Curtains by Nicetown

These curtains is a great choice for overall sound-dampening and for keeping light out from your room.

Its made out of plush soft velvet fabric and supposedly is anti-bacterial and anti allergy.

This one is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for curtains that have that cozy “home theater” feel to it + is of high lasting quality.

Weighs about 4.81 pounds



  • Has great insulation of both sound and temperature
  • The thick velvet fabric makes it sound-absorptive
  • Dims the light by up to 98%
  • Comes in 6 different sizes and 7 different colours
  • Plush and soft to the touch
  • Creates little to no static



  • The size (height) may be a bit shorter than advertised

Doublewide Blackout Off-White Velvet Curtain by Half Price Drapes

Lastly and yet another set of big(ger) and long curtains, though a bit pricier, which could very well be worth it considering the upgrade in aesthetics if you will, are the Doublewide Blackout Off-White Velvet Curtain by Half Price Drapes.

These babies happen to be quite beautiful to look at, the reviews on Amazon are quite solid too, which could only mean one thing…

That they are high-quality indeed!

Other than that they come in 12 different colours and 4 different sizes.

Weighs about 10 pounds



  • Bigger in size, so it covers more area
  • Quite beautiful in comparison to many other soundproof curtains
  • Does a good job of sound-dampening
  • High-quality material
  • Weighs a lot and is thick
  • Plush, soft fabric



  • A bit expensive
  • The seams at some places are too obvious

A couple tips & tricks for optimal use

Installing soundproof curtains isn’t really that much different from installing normal curtains to your rooms, however there are a couple things you could keep in mind when buying and installing these curtains to your home:

  • Try to buy curtains that cover the entire space of the window
  • Have your curtain brackets closer to the wall or simply buy ceiling mount curtain brackets, as they cover a greater area.
  • If you really wish to maximize the amount of sound that is minimized (no pun intended), consider consciously choosing and buying heavier and longer ones as those factors will definitely have a noticeable overall sound-dampening effect.

Final thoughts

I’m surprised soundproofing isn’t a bigger industry than it is, because when one really stops and thinks it, that is about the incessant noise that our machine of a modern society creates within and around itself, it can at times simply become rather unbearable.

Luckily these soundproof curtains can prove to be your friend when really wanting to shut the noisy world off, and allow yourself to fully rest.

While we’re on a macro-note,  I recently read an article that estimated that the soundproof curtains market will grow from 1.65 billion dollars in 2017 to 2.38 billion dollars in 2022. Perhaps people are indeed getting tired of the buzzing machines that surrounds them everyday, or perhaps this possible rise in the soundproof curtains industry is caused by the advancements being made in the technology behind soundproofing, or maybe its both!

Either way, I find this new study and its implications to be a fascinating thing to think about.

That being said, in case you are interested in other relaxing things you can do for your home, I highly recommend having a look at these select meditation products to infuse your home with serenity.