Video and computer games are a major form of entertainment in todays highly interconnected world, and lets be honest when it comes to imagination and all around fun, modern games are at their peak. A true gamer will tell you though, that it’s not all fun and games. Gaming can be quite stressful at times and can also result in painful and chronic pains in the body.

It all comes down to where, how and what a person sits on. Playing for a long time in a badly designed chair can gradually cause problems for your lower back and chronic pain in the neck. Luckily, ergonomically designed chairs, i.e. chairs that take the human physiology into extra consideration, have been invented.

These following chairs have been specifically made for gamers or people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of an computer, which probably constitutes a major portion of the world population today. It goes without saying that it has become a necessity, and if there’s a gamer in you, follow along to learn more about the benefits and our top picks.

Benefits of Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Sitting in one position for a long time can and is bad for you physically. Ergonomic chairs can reduce the risk of neck problems, back pains, staleness and similar conditions.

  • Posture: Ergonomic chairs are adjustable and fit to your posture. This means that there is no unnecessary pressure to cause pain and will keep you seated in an optimal posture.
  • Pain Relief: Like before, there’s no unnecessary pressure. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort to the neck, back, hips, and can relieve pressure on your spine.
  • Circulation: Because of the posture and positioning these chairs put you in, it’s easier for the blood to reach places needed for you to function.
  • Focus: Having more focus, less pain, and better circulation can cause greater productivity and focus, which is always a plus for gamers.

Simply put, ergonomic chairs could be the extra boost you need to succeed in your gaming adventures and a wonderful addition for a true gamer’s lair.

What to Consider Before Buying

The biggest thing to consider before buying a gaming chair is the price.


Well mainly because of most chairs come with the same essential features, like say an adjustable back, full body support and adjustable height.

However some chairs do come with extra perks, such as being able to connect with other chairs and have a wireless connection. Gaming gets taken to another level when you can connect through your chair.

We’ll take you through our top four picks, explain their special features, and the inner gamer might just want to collect them all.

BestOffice Gaming Chair

The BestOffice ergonomic gaming chair is a cheap, comfortable option for the gamers on a budget. It has all the regular perks, adjustable back, and height, full body support. This chair is easy to move around with 360 wheels.

There aren’t any extra perks that come with this chair beside the many color choices and the low price. It is the least expensive chair on this list coming in at $85.

It’s a good chair for less, however, there have been some complaints about the armrests being loose. In all other sense, it’s a favorable chair for gaming.

Devoko Gaming Chair

The Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is more affordable and comes with the basic necessities, back support, neck pillow, adjustable points. It is another good choice for gamers with a budget, coming in at $90.

Because of it’s reduced price it comes with no extras. Even the chair color is limited to two options, red and white.

There are some drawbacks, shipping isn’t free and there have been complaints about it harder to assemble, and that some chairs have broken over time. However, if maintained properly this chair could be a good fit for you.

Homall Gaming Chair

The Homall ergonomic gaming chair is comfortable, adjustable and provides good pain relief. It is durable with a steel frame that allows it to last much longer than other chairs. This chair is mobile with 360 wheels and light framing.

The cost is the same as Devoko’s at $90, but their shipping is more affordable. They can hold up to 300 pounds. Their chairs also come in many colors, including a pretty pink.

The biggest complaint is that it is too small for tall people but other than that it’s a good chair for a fair price.

Flash Furniture Gaming Chair

If you like a chair that fits into the bright white décor of your gaming crib or simply something that is different from the traditional black colour of most gaming and office chairs, this one by Flash furniture is a good choice for that.

The modern contemporary design + the range of different features (built in lumbar support, high back design, tilt lock mechanism, padded flip up arms) makes it a compelling chair for any serious gamer.

The only cons that stand out are that it easily gets stained by most beverages and foods because of the white fabric and that it lacks some adjustable settings.

X Rocker Gaming Chair

The X Rocker ergonomic gaming chair is pretty awesome. It comes with the usual perks, but also some extra benefits including connectivity to other chairs, and 2 subwoofer speakers that make the gaming experience extra immersive.

Of course, these extras come with a slightly higher price.

X Rocket also released a similar gaming chair, only there’s no base. It is a rocking, gaming chair for the floor, perfect for a smaller gaming cave. It’s easy to fit a few of them in a small space for group players. However, these chairs do come in at over $200.

Some complaints have included difficult setup and some issues with the support for taller or shorter people. For the avid gamer, this chair can definitely change the experience from zero to hero.


Gaming should be epic experiences that you have in the digital world, but pain, especially in the back, from sitting too long in one position can ruin the whole affair. It’s painful, hard, distressing, and can cause lasting problems for avid, hardcore gamers.

Ergonomic chairs can help relieve pain, increase circulation, focus and are just comfortable. Gamers require focus, relaxation and the fun comes by itself. With great gamers comes the need for great chairs.

P. S. don’t forget to actually get your butt outside where you can live a healthy and active. I bet that you become better and more in tune when your body feel better as well. Simple logic. Sitting for too long is flat out detrimental for the physical body, but through smart wits and wisdom we can have the best of both worlds.