The entrance to your home can be a welcoming ‘hello’ to you and guests alike, making you feel cozy and secure as soon as you step into the space. And isn’t that what we all want from our homes?

Here are five neat tricks you can try to upgrade your entryway to make it the perfect welcoming bit of sanctuary.

Create a clearly defined zone

The first step is to create a defined zone where your entryway starts and ends, rather than having a bundle of coats, shoes, bags and more as your daily welcome.

A specific, clearly defined zone is important as well when you are in an open plan home. It will create a defined welcoming space for your guests where they can get rid of their jackets, etc. before entering the rest of your home.

You can do this through paint or wallpaper if you want – and can even opt for some blackboard paint if you have a whole family who need to keep track of activities.

If you can, make your floor covering in your entryway rainy weather-proof by using tiles (you can always add a rug as well). Tiles are a lot easier to clean than carpets and won’t have you worrying about your pets, children, or guests getting mud or water on the floor on those rain-soaked days.

No closet? No problem!

If you don’t have a closet at your front door where coats, etc. can go, don’t worry. Rather make a statement by having beautiful hooks on the wall where coats and jackets can be hung.

Hooks also make for a handy place to hang leashes, hats, umbrellas, and yoga mats where they are out of the way but still within reach to just grab when you’re headed outside.

Shelves, consoles, and more

Consider using shelves, consoles, benches or chairs to further enhance the entryway of your home. However, unless you have a whole room to work with, you probably won’t have space for all of these. Don’t let this bother you, though. Rather focus on what you can do with the space.

For instance, instead of a whole table or console, try floating shelves or even a wooden pegboard that you can personalize according to your needs and the space you have available.

You can also look around for a compact shelving unit – or even build one if you have the skills!

If, however, you have some space to play around with, have a look at a table where you can easily put your launch pad for each day (bag, keys, etc.) without it looking too cluttered or taking up all the space.

When it comes to a place to sit down, you can always opt for a bench that can do double-duty as a seat and a place for your launch pad.

Make your wall a work of art

Another, easy way to make your entryway more welcoming is by decorating the walls. Besides using paint or wallpaper, you can also use art, photos or a mirror – even a mixture of these.

A mirror is not just a practical piece for the entryway, but can also make the space look bigger and lighter. This is especially handy if you have very limited space to work with.

Photos and artwork can add an extra layer of coziness and homeliness to the space. If you’re looking to make your entryway less formal, try using some fun art, word art, or candid family photos. For a more formal space, try using only black and white photos. Even black and white prints of the same candid family photos can lend a whole other atmosphere to the space!

Instead of using only one type of photo frame, try making a collage of different frames that differ in size and material, but have color in common.

Plants, charging stations, and knick-knacks

Wall decor hanging flowers

Bring some life to your entryway by using plants in different ways. Even a small succulent or two in a decorative planter can be used as a focal point in a small space. Be sure, however, to match the size of the plant to the space. If you have a larger space to play with, a peace lily, fern or even bonsai tree can be a wonderful addition.

You can also, if you have a handy outlet close at hand, create a charging station for your – or for your guests’ – phones and tablets. No getting to your phone in the morning to find it on 4% battery again! These charging stations can be on a table or even just on a shelf; whatever works better in your space.

As for knick-knacks, we don’t mean “putting down everything in your hands and leaving it there”. Rather, choose one or two favorite pieces that go with your décor and use them as focal points. This works well if you have minimal other items in the space – otherwise it could just look cluttered.

Other items you can use in the space is a mail sorter or a beautiful tray to keep your mail in, some stationery for that form you quickly have to sign before you go out the door. Also keep a “nice” pen with your launch pad and some blank cards for different occasions if you have a mail sorter or drawer. These can be bought or handmade, but it’s always good to have some at hand for those times you forgot to get a card and only remember when you’re about to head out the door. Using one of your nice pens is also better than quickly grabbing the closest half-dry felt-tip!

Final Thoughts

The most important thing when choosing what and what not to do with the space, is to make sure that it suits your personality and your lifestyle. If you feel welcomed when entering your home, you’ve definitely succeeded!