The feeling of accomplishment after finishing up a DIY at home is priceless. You have possibly taught yourself a new skill, finished your project and you’ve made your home look a lot better as well. Home upgrades and improvements don’t have to be difficult or expensive, a lot of them can be done by yourself, with only a few tools and products.

Not only will you be upgrading and improving your home, but you will be adding value to your property as well.

Here are a few affordable ways to improve and upgrade your home:

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Instead of gutting and refurbishing your kitchen to achieve a new look, you can simply paint your cabinet doors. You can choose your own colors and personalize them to your tastes and décor.

There are also some great painting techniques that can add a rustic, country feel, or create a modern and clean look.

All you need is the right paint and a paintbrush, and you are ready to go!

Create a comfortable outdoor space

Working in the garden can be therapeutic. A simple pick-me-up for the garden can make a world of difference. Arrange a feature point in your garden with some flowers, herbs, plants and some decorations. If you have space, position an outdoor bistro set for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new feature space in.

Many plants can actually be propagated easily, so by planning ahead you can use your own plants in your garden to create a new feature area outdoors.

You might also be able to find a second-hand bistro set in charity shops, and with a simple clean and coat of paint, you will have a homely and comfortable seating arrangement for your garden.

Fit new handles

kitchen cabinet handles

A new handle can completely upgrade and change the look of a room. Kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets and doors can all be given a makeover just by having new handles.

There are some really affordable handles to choose on the market, all that you can easily install at home on your own.


Molding can be a little tricky to install at times, but with some practice, you should be able to master it. Decorative molding adds so much character to a room and gives a more elegant and finished appearance.

Light switch and outlet plates

Even the simplest of upgrades can make a huge difference. Replace your existing light switch and outlet plates with new, modern looking plates. This will make the room look more modern and cleaner. You are able to match the plates to your wall color, to make them blend in better.

Front of house

The entrance to your home is the first impression people will have of your house. It is worth upgrading this area to really wow guests. Add some pot plants to the entrance, paint your door and even add in new paving leading up to the doorway.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be bought online, or you can make them at home if you are brave enough to try.

Adding some floating shelves to your bathroom, living room or bedroom and placing decorative items on them can create some really classy décor. You can choose the theme of the décor you want on the shelves – minimalist, rustic or charming, it is up to you to decide.

They also offer some extra storage space for smaller homes.

Upgrade fixtures

Upgrading the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms can be a quick way to improve the look of your home. Instead of buying whole new sets, why not try and paint the ones you already have? It is a quick and cheap way to upgrade your home.

Upgrade window frames

Instead of boring, plain window frames, you can add some molding and paint to completely overhaul the look of your windows. It is such an effective way to bring some new life into your home, and even the smallest of changes to a window can make a huge difference.

Paint your bathtub

A fresh coat of paint on the bathtub can make a difference to the entire appearance of your bathroom. A stained and yellow bathtub is really unattractive, and it can be fixed so easily with the right paint.

Why not get creative with the color paint you use?

Paint your ceiling

A dull and stained ceiling can really bring down the look of a house. A quick coat of paint can brighten the room and add a new, fresh appeal to all the rooms in your house.


Mirrors are one of the best ways to bring extra light and décor into the house. Everyone loves a glance in a mirror here and there, so the more you have, the merrier. They help make the room look bigger and brighter.

You can even upgrade your mirrors by reframing them or cutting them to shapes.


Avoid spending extra money on a contractor where you can, and instead, get your DIY pants on and get busy. A few simple tools will be help you achieve a whole host of different projects and upgrades within your home. You can also learn a whole lot of skills by reading tutorials and watching videos online.

Simple upgrades can really improve the look and feel of your house, and soon you will be addicted to the world of home DIYs.