A wall mounted mirror jewelry cabinet can turn out to be your best friend. Not only will it keep your jewelry safe and out of harms way, but it puts them on display for you to easily view and organize.

The mirror on the front of the cabinet will be priceless when getting ready, not having to run from mirror to jewelry cabinet when deciding what to wear!

In this article we’ve listed 9 of the handiest and finest jewelry cabinets / organizers on the net:

Songmics 6 LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

We start things of with one of foremost jewelry cabinets in the field. It has 6 auto on and off LED battery powered lights, illuminating your jewelry collection upon opening the door.

The cabinet has a large storage capacity with one large ring cushion, one bracelet rod, 5 shelves, 2 bottom drawers, 32 necklace hooks and 48 stud earing holes. There really is a large amount of space. The mirrored cabinet door is lockable, which adds that safety element to the mix.

Homegear Modern Door/Wall Mounted Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

The cabinet can either be mounted on the wall or hung from a door, making it adaptable to your home and needs.

The cabinet is lockable and the inside is lined with soft felt for extra protection. It can hold up to 80 rings, 60 pairs of earing and 48 necklaces and bracelets, as well as two additional drawers.

You can also fit perfume or watches inside the cabinet, which has a mirrored door that is easy to clean.

TomCare Jewelry Cabinet

Although it is smaller than some other jewelry cabinets, this eight-edged jewelry organizer has a unique style but it is also practical. The front mirror is made from quality glass that reflects a clear image.

It consists of 2 shelves and space to hold 24 necklaces, 24 stud earrings, 30 rings and other compartments.

The cabinet is made from eco-friendly MDF wood, and the interior is lined with velvet to protect your precious jewelry.

Hammacher Schlemmer Wall Mounted Lighter Jewelry Armoire

This jewelry cabinet has space for up to 160 pieces of jewelry, which can be easily organized and accessed.

It is an illuminated cabinet that has six LED lights that are bright enough to find and view your wide array of jewelry.

There are 6 slotted wooden shelves and 28 hooks for necklaces and bracelets. There are also 5 ring rolls that can hold up to 60 rings and 8 small bins for pendants and broaches.

It is a reliable and subtle cabinet, perfect for the bedroom.

Giantex Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

The mounted jewelry cabinet can also be hung from a door for added convenience and space-saving.

It is made from eco-friendly MDF and the door is secured with a magnetic door catch with keys. The front mirror is full-length, so it can be used to get ready no matter the function.

There is a large amount of storage space within the cabinet itself. The cabinet does not look like a jewelry cabinet from the outside, just a full-length mirror, perfect for a minimalistic look.

Nathan Direct Morris Lockable Jewelry Armoire

This is a more classic and homey looking jewelry armoire. It has compartments for earrings, rings, and necklaces as well as hooks and shelves.

The crown molding and floral carving give it a classic, antique look.

It will not only be a convenience to hold your jewelry and provide a mirror, but it will add some class to your bedroom as well.

Wood-Wall Mounted Holder

This isn’t a traditional jewelry holder. It was initially made as a key holder, but the hooks and shelf can be used as a simple jewelry cabinet as well.

It has a mirror front that can be turned to the back for the hooks to face forward in a swivel design.

The cabinet is finished with a rugged, washed grey look, that is both modern and contemporary.

SSLine Dressing Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

This is a full-length mirrored jewelry cabinet. It offers great space saving and convenience, especially for smaller bedrooms.

The inside cabinet has a large storage capacity that can hold rings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses, perfume and so much more.

The built in lock keeps all the inside jewelry and items safe from children. The cabinet is 15.75 inches high, making it more than adequate to act as a full-length mirror.

Southern Enterprise Gilmore Shabby Chic Jewelry Mirror

A cute little feature piece that serves a purpose. The inside of the cabinet has 23 double hooks, 26 earring notches, 9 cushioned ring rows and 5 bins – its small size does not mean it cannot hold a lot of jewelry.

The antique white-washed finish is accented by brass hardware on the interior. The outside mirror is small, but still adequate for applying makeup or admiring a pair of earrings you are wearing.

The black felt lining keeps the jewelry safe from damage and scratches, and the magnetic close door and removable jewelry trays add to its convenience.


Upgrade your rooms décor while simultaneously saving yourself some space and stress with a wall mounted mirror jewelry cabinet. Find the one that suits your needs and the amount of jewelry that you own, all while keeping it safe and organized.