Your bedroom needs to be your sanctuary, your place of peace and rest. What better way to create this feeling than by making your bedroom eco-friendly? There are some incredible ways to create an eco-friendly bedroom, with natural products that bring about comfort and calm.

Creating an eco-bedroom isn’t just about buying the latest bamboo sheets (although they are amazing!) There are different additions and design features you can incorporate into your room to really give it that natural feel.

Going above and beyond incorporating natural products into your bedroom, it is also worth de-toxifying your bedroom, creating a tranquil space that is toxic-free.

Warming and Cooling

Our bedroom can be one of the most energy-consuming rooms in the house. During the night, we feel the need to either have the heating or cooling on, which can be draining on energy supplies.

Instead, look for alternatives during the warmer or cooler months. Instead of using cooling, install a stylish ceiling fan. Modern fans do a great job of cooling the room and use a lot less energy than air conditioning. Leave windows open to circulate air in the room as well.

Colder months are tricky, but there are ways to stay warm while you sleep when not using a heater. Fill up some hot water bottles and tuck them into bed with you. Buy some thick blankets to keep you warm.

Easy Breathing

We don’t realize it, but there are many sources in our bedrooms that making breathing not so easy. The paints we use on our walls, ceiling, and furniture might be outdated and not so safe to breathe. Rather repaint your walls and furniture using low or no-VOC paints that are not harmful to the respiratory system.

Remember to wash your bedding weekly, mold, mites, mildew, and dust might accumulate and cause allergies or irritation to your respiratory system. Simply by washing your bedding each week, you are reducing this drastically, creating a cleaner breathing space for when you are asleep.

For those who do suffer from allergies, try to avoid using down comforters and pillows. Instead, purchase hypoallergenic pillows and comforters, or try going organic, with comforters and pillows filled with millet hulls, wool, cotton, buckwheat, or shredded latex.

Your Bed

You will obviously be spending the most time in your bedroom on your bed, so you should invest time and money in making sure it is absolutely perfect for you. There are some great green options for your bed, all eco-friendly. Mattresses that are toxin-free and free of polyurethane foam and fire-retardants are a great eco-friendly option.

To avoid buying a mattress free from fire-retardants, but still keeping a safe option, opt for a wool mattress which has natural fire-retardant properties. Wool and cotton filled mattresses are just as comfortable and their non-eco-friendly counterparts, so you won’t be missing out on a thing!

The most eco-friendly mattress filler is latex, and these mattresses don’t form lumps or weaken over time, making them the perfect place to rest at night.

Looking for a base can be tough, but why not go the natural route and purchase an untreated solid wood base spring, but make sure it is made from FSC-certified wood though!

Green bedroom with plants and forest


Organic bedding is made from fibers which are grown free from genetic engineering or synthetic pesticides. Many of the bedding sheets and duvets we buy are actually treated with formaldehyde, which makes them soft. To avoid this, rather buy chemical-free bedding made from bamboo organic cotton. They will still be incredibly soft and durable.

Be Thrifty

Most of us make the error of rushing out to buy new furniture and décor without looking to buy second-hand items. You will be amazed at some of the beautiful pieces you will be able to find at a charity or second-hand store, often for a fraction of the price.

Many of the pieces will also be authentic and well-made, something that is difficult to find without spending a fortune nowadays. By simply popping on a coat of paint or upholstery, you can convert your charity shop piece to fit perfectly into the natural décor of your room.

Eco-Friendly Décor

For most of us, nature is relaxing, peaceful and full of tranquility. Going the eco-friendly route in your bedroom means you get to touch base with this in your rest space, and what more could you want in your bedroom?

Plants – Plants are a wonderful way to incorporate nature into your bedroom, but they also serve a purpose. Many houseplants can absorb toxins in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Plants like bamboo, spider plants, and ferns all do a great job of clearing toxins in a small area.

Fresh flowers also play a role in decreasing toxins in a room, and they give off a wonderful scent.

Candles – Nothing quite beats the soft, relaxing glow that a candle brings to a space. A candle can create a wonderful ambiance in your bedroom, but you need to choose one that is eco-friendly. Avoid candles, usually the cheaper ones, that contain harmful VOC’s, which are also found in paints. There are some wonderful eco-friendly candles made from natural ingredients such as beeswax or soy, which are scented with essential oils.

Materials – If you are wanting decorative throws or scatter cushions for your bedroom, opt for ones that have been dyed naturally. They are kind to the environment and usually have such wonderful natural tones and hues.


Not only will you feel calm and at peace in your nature-friendly bedroom, but you can go to sleep comfortably and proud knowing that you are doing your bit to protect and preserve the environment.

Once you have done your bedroom, why not move on to do the rest of the house as well? Creating an eco-friendly commune for the whole family to enjoy and love.