Crystals are not only mesmerising to look at but some people claim and believe that they have healing powers as well. You’ve probably heard or seen about the potential energetic powers of crystals, whether on a popular tv show or in a fantasy book, the notion is out there.

With that said, crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy which involves using crystals/gemstones in your vicinity or upon certain body parts to alleviate negative energies, boost health or as an meditation aid. Having existed on the surface and within the earth for millions if not billions of years, crystals can be used as spiritual and meditative tools to influence, absorb and direct subtle energies in the body and mind.

Crystals are, to say the least, fascinating items.

So if you believe in the power potential of crystals, or even if you don’t, here are a handful meditative tips for you on how to best use crystals in your home for meditation and for your wellbeing.

1. Crystals during meditation

One good way to boost your meditation practice is to have a crystal or gemstone of some sort nearby. You can place them near your meditation cushion so that they are accessible to you when meditating, or why not upon your altar or meditation table to enhance the atmosphere, or simply hold one or two in the palm of your hands while doing walking meditation or sitting.

In fact, this last mention could become one of your meditation practices or techniques, that is to simply focus your attention on the energy and sensation pulsating from the crystal of your choice held in your hands.

The key thing is to make sure that these “magical pebbles” induce relaxation and focus by functioning as as an spiritual anchor and/or reminder of your true spiritual nature, which is quite indefinable.

2. Choose your crystal(s)

gemstones and crystals on white bg

Let the crystal/gemstone you choose be one that you feel naturally drawn to and aligned with. There may exist a deeper underlying reason why you came to choose that specific one. When you’ve made your choice, start meditating with that crystal as described above and from there, if you’re into it, you can explore further the significance of that particular crystal. You can do this “exploration” either online, like on this helpful page on Crystalearthspirit or why not take some time in the local library, they probably have something there for you.

3. Crystals in jewelry

Speaking of personalized crystals, it is perfectly okay to place your special crystal in into a silver or gold container. Some would argue that the effects of the crystal is diminished when treated this way, but other say that it doesn’t matter. What matters is your spiritual link with the stone.

That being said, crystal jewelry is a neat trick of having your crystal always present with you, which also means that your meditation tool is always with you as well.

enso circle necklace with blue topaz in middle

4. Different uses for crystals

As you might have guessed, there are plenty of ways to use crystals. As a meditation tool or as a spiritual necklace, beside your bed or when taking a bath. Some infuse their drinks with crystals, while others tape these stones to their bodies and others still (women) put them in their bras.

I bet you didn’t know that!

Find what works for you, energetically and existentially. Our main recommendation is to use crystals as a spiritual tool used for meditative purposes and occasionally for vehicles and conveyors of meaning.

5. Can crystals be dangerous?

Crystals are generally safe as safe can be. In fact, they are quite healing, whether when you just look at them and marvel at their beauty or use them in specific ways. Quite frankly to misuse them is a rather hard thing to do, but it can be done. Crystals can have shape edges which can make them hazardous in some situations, luckily gemstones avoid this conundrum by having a nice and smooth surface.

That being said, keep them out of reach from little children, we don’t want them eating these magically looking stones lying around the house.

6. Crystals and their different properties

Just as you can use crystals in different ways, some claim that there are also specific properties associated with each type or color of crystal.

Here are a few of the incredibly numerous types of crystals and gemstones available.



For example agate is said to be good for strengthening your romantic/love bond with your partner. Meditating with one of these can really open up locked up energies in yourself and perhaps even your partner.

Aventurine & Jade


Another example, though related to the heart/love, is the belief that green crystals are good for emotional healing. To have a green crystal like aventurine or jade with you, whether in your pocket or as a ring and necklace, is a great way to remind yourself of being loved and sharing love wherever you go.



One last example is the yellow crystal citrine, which is believed to have noticeable effects when it comes to living a positive life, a life infused with luminous self-confidence and self-respect, these things which in themselves lead to a greater sense of fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

Did you find your crystal of choice? Hopefully you’ll know now how to use it in a meditative manner. We all need spiritual tools to uplift and remind us when we feel down or lost. While some discard the uses of such tools like crystals and gemstones, others over exaggerate their uses. We feel that an open and balanced mind is key to navigating through this life beautifully.

What about you? Do you believe that crystals have healing powers of some sort or is it all just human imagination? If the first why? If the latter why?

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below!