Sweet sleep doesn’t always come easily. There’s nothing worse than counting the minutes passing while thoughts flood your mind when all you crave is the rest and reprieve sleep brings. Over time, lack of sleep can take a toll on your mental and physical health. A good rest is essential for your overall well-being and it can be achieved with ease through the use of sleep mantras. Next time you are tossing and turning, consider using this technique to help you doze off to sleep more quickly.

What is a sleep mantra?

A sleep mantra is a powerful phrase you can quietly repeat to yourself to calm your mind and soothe your body. Repeating your mantra centers your attention, releasing the running thoughts moving through your mind and settling the agitation of your body. The words of the manta inform your mind and body of your intention to move into a state of peace, rest, and tiredness. This technique settles your mind into a comforting loop of repetition that by-passes your conscious mind and gently prompts your subconscious towards sleep.

How to use a sleep mantra

Sleep mantras are most effective when supplemented with other sleep-inducing aids. Before going to bed, it is beneficial to have a nighttime routine that primes your mind for rest. An hour or so before bed, make yourself a cup of decaffeinated tea to help you to settle into slumber. Place all electronic devices on silent and instead relax by reading a book or magazine. You may also want to use aroma-therapeutic essential oils, such as lavender, to create a soothing atmosphere.

When it’s time for sleep, darken your room and find a comfortable position in your bed. Close your eyes, consciously relax your body, and begin your sleep mantra. When other thoughts try to enter your mind, simply acknowledge them, release them, and continue on with your soothing mantra. Breathe into your body and release any tension. If one mantra is not working for you after a few minutes, you may want to switch to another one. Soon you’ll find the one best for you. When you get into the rhyme, after just a few minutes, you’ll begin to feel yourself growing tired and drifting towards sleep.

If waking up in the middle of the night and falling back asleep is your problem, then try this method of using sleep mantras. Upon waking, do your best to remain in the lull of your sleep state and do little body movement. Begin your sleep mantra and keep your eyes closed. Focus on your steady breathing and continue to consciously relax. This technique will help you to quickly settle back into your slumber.

30 sleep mantras

i am safe and at peace mantra

  1. I am grateful for my tiredness
  2. I feel soothed and relaxed
  3. My body is calm and at ease
  4. I am dissolving into sleep
  5. As I breathe in and out, I drift off to sleep
  6. I am safe and at peace
  7. I surrender the weight of today
  8. Sleep comes easily to me
  9. Rest calms my mind
  10. Deep sleep is on the way
  11. I am relaxed and still within
  12. Sleep brings harmony and peace
  13. Gently, I am lulled to sleep
  14. Rest, relax, release
  15. I am ready for rest: mind, body, and soul
  16. My thoughts drift away as I doze off to sleep
  17. I sleep safely and soundly
  18. My dreams restore my soul
  19. As I lay my head, all is well and I am safe
  20. The world sleeps and I do too
  21. Sleep quiets my mind and relaxes my body
  22. Sweet relief comes with sleep
  23. I surrender to sleep’s dreams
  24. I am at ease as I doze off to sleep
  25. WIth each breath, I grow more tired
  26. I am one with all there is
  27. I find peace in the stillness of sleep
  28. Quiet and darkness bring on sleep
  29. Sleep is my stillness within
  30. Softly, I close my eyes and fall asleep

Final thoughts

Sleep is essential for functioning properly in your day to day life. Whether your sleep problems stem from physical or psychological factors or a combination of both, there are luckily many ways to optimize your sleep. Combining these mantras with other relaxation techniques, visualizations, meditation practice, daily healthy habits and a proper sleep hygiene will surely help you in your sleep adventures.