One of the main aims of meditation is to come into a deeper recognition of who and what you are, and in doing so inducing a natural state of calm and serenity in your mind.

We can enhance this experience by allowing ourselves to make use of some simple tools or accessories, like for example meditation cushions, mala beads, singing bowls or for the purpose of this article, meditation shawls.

What is a meditation shawl?

Meditation shawls, also known as prayer shawls, have been used by many different cultures and religions for thousands of years. Meditation shawls are essentially blankets that meditation practitioners use to cover and drape around themselves to have that extra bodily and spiritual support.

Bodily support in the sense that when your physical body remains still for a longer period of time, like say in a sitting meditation session, it can begin to cool more rapidly, leaving you cold and somewhat distracted. A meditation shawl can solve this conundrum.

When it comes to spiritual support, the shawl can help in focusing your mind, keeping it centred and aligned.

One a side note, something I’ve found that always fascinated me is the comforting effects that blankets have on us human beings. Even if the room you’re sleeping in isn’t that cold, blankets almost always have a way of inducing a state of security, comfort and relaxation.

Even though meditation is often times a highly relaxing process, the additive effects of a meditation shawl can perhaps deepen your relaxation a little further.

Our best picks for you

best meditation shawls

If you don’t know which one to get for yourself, here are some of the best meditation shawls (high-quality material and softness) we’ve picked out for you:

1. Ahimsa Silk Meditation Shawl

This one is definitely our favorite on the list. This Indian meditation shawl is handmade out of cruelty free silk called Ahimsa. The material is of excellent quality and really soft to the touch. Measures 41 x 80.

2. Indian Embroidered Cashmere Shawl

Handwoven out of 100% cashmere and measures 70 x 25 inches. Embroidered with lovely floral motif and is available in two colours.

3. Meditation Shawl by Om Shanti Crafts

Sizeable and Indian handwoven made out of 60% Australian wool, 40% polyester and measures 80 x 40 inches.

4. Tibetan Meditation Shawl 100% Yak Wool Handloom

If you’re really looking to focus in on your meditation, there’s something about the colour red and orange that allow you to go deeper as many different spiritual traditions attest to. This shawl is handmade out of 100% Tibetan yak wool and measures about 36 x 78 inches.

5. Large and Heavy Superior Kani Shawl

If you’re looking for a warmer, heavier shawl that also is covered in exotic patterns, this kani shawl by Heritage trading is a great choice for you. The pattern designs go back centuries to the Mughal Empire. This high-quality shawl is made out of 100% wool and measures 80 x 40 Inches

6. Gayatri Mantra & Om Prayer Meditation Yoga Shawl

Looking for some symbolic significance inscribed into your shawl? This black/blue/turquoise lovely shawl is fair trade manufactured and measures 28 x 72 inches.

7. OM Yoga Prayer Meditation Shawl

Speaking of spiritual symbolism, this multicoloured shawl has the spiritual symbol OM featured in different colours. Made from viscoe rayon and measures ca 25 x 72 inches.

8. Colorful Lotus Shawl

meditation shawl

Lotus infused meditation shawl with ivory and pink as main colours. The fabric is somewhat transparent and very fine. Made out of 100% cotton and measures 70 x 26 inches.

9. Silky Solid Soft Pashmina Shawl

Multi-functional-seasonal shawl that is available in 20 different colours. Made by the brand Sakkas, this silk shawl is quite fine yet warm. Measures 78″ x 28″ inches

10. Yoga Prayer Embossed Shawl

Goldenish yellow versatile shawl that was made in India using cotton rayon, the shawl measures 28 x 78 inches.

A warm simple meditative exercise

Woman meditating on a hill wrapped with a prayer shawl

If you’ve picked one shawl to purchase and hopefully now have it at hand, you could partake in this nice simple meditative exercise I creatively conjured up. The exercise is inspired by the great Christian mystic Hildegard of Bingen, and you can give it a try in order to make full use of your meditation shawl.

  1. Sit down somewhere comfortable (on a meditation cushion, bench or simply a soft surface at home or why not out in nature.)
  2. Feel the sensation of your clothes and the temperature around you on your skin. (ideally you should wear little to no clothes if you’re inside)
  3. Contemplate on the following words by Hildegard of Bingen:

    God hugs you.
    You are encircled by the arms
    of the mystery of God.

  4. Now wrap the meditation shawl around yourself slowly and delicately while silently absorbing the meaning of those words.
  5. Feel the full embrace, texture, warmth and softness/roughness of the shawl.
  6. Contemplate those words.
  7. Become those words.
  8. Be here now.
The word God in the case of this prayer can be equated to nature, the universe, Jesus, the Dao or whatever else that float your spiritual boat. The important thing is not the word used but the reverence and graceful attitude towards the underlying intelligence permeating the universe.

Final Thoughts

For us at TrueRelaxations, the ultimate aim of meditation is to be able to feel free and serene in what ever situation you find yourself in, however sometimes we may need some warm reminders that help us to focus our attention on the immediacy of the present moment. To feel ourselves at home in the universe at large and on our beautiful blue-green planet Earth is vital.

Even though meditation shawls are only accessories they are warmly welcomed ones!