Many people don’t realize that their bathroom can actually be a feature room in the house. Gone are the days of outdated tiling and retro-yellow tubs. Bathrooms can now be upgraded and modernized with some simple tricks and conversions.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to update your bathroom. There are many different affordable ways (that can also be eco-friendly) that you can modernize this space. Your showers will feel fresher and your mornings will start better in a clean, modernized bathroom.


The first step to modernizing your bathroom is by clearing up all the clutter. We tend to hoard lots of unnecessary items in the bathroom, either thinking we will use them someday or just being too lazy to get rid of it.

There really is no way to make a cluttered bathroom look good. All modernized bathrooms are practically free of clutter, and the countertops only hold a few essential items. Whatever does appear on the countertops are kept neatly in simple storage containers.

Decluttered bathroom with floating shelves

To increase the storage space in your bathroom, you could install freestanding or floating shelves to store items on, but keep these uncluttered and try and modernize them by adding one or two decorative pieces on the shelves.


Nothing revamps a space quite like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you are going for a fiery red or a clean white, a fresh paint job will revitalize and uplift the bathroom.

To make the bathroom feel more spacious, you should paint the ceiling a complementary color to the walls, but make it a lighter shade. Keeping a color theme like white, grey or blue, brings a clean and calming atmosphere to the bathroom. Others enjoy a more energizing color scheme like green and yellow. Whatever your preference, your bathroom will look way better than its dull self before the paint.


One way to make a big difference in your bathroom is by redoing the floors. It can turn out to be quite a big job, but it does pay off with the overall look. There are so many options to choose from, with both tiles and wood being good options.

Grey floor tiles in bathroom

If it is a little out of your budget at first, you can try and cover unsightly floors with a decorative, yet simple looking rug or bathroom mat. Just make sure to wash the rug often, as bathrooms are notorious for causing different types on mold on rugs.


Using the right lighting in your bathroom can really add to the modernized look. There are many lighting options available for the bathroom that bring a more contemporary and modern style than the lighting found in older bathrooms.

Bright lighting in the bathroom will also help you apply makeup or follow your morning routine easier. Getting ready for the day in a dim, dreary bathroom is really quite uninspiring.

You can even look at having multiple lighting points in the bathroom, one focused on the mirror and another being the main lighting feature of the room.

Wall Décor

Once you have painted your bathroom with a fresh, new color, you need the right décor to keep the modern look going. You don’t need artwork that is totally out there, even a decoratively framed mirror can be a focal piece, and it serves a daily purpose as well.

bathroom wall decor and bathtub surrounded by green plants

Keep the wall décor simple and modern. The simplicity will only uplift the modern look of the room, and keep the room looking clean and uncluttered. Simple touches like glass shelves can add extra storage space for smaller items, and also act as a showcase for décor.

Faucets & Fittings

If you have outdated faucets and fittings, it is time to chuck them out. By simply replacing your old fittings with new modern ones, you could make such a difference to the appearance of your bathroom. There are so many affordable choices, and some are even water-saving, making it perfect for those who are conscious about their water consumption.

Bathroom faucet and sink

Other fittings such as towel racks and toilet roll holders can be replaced for more modern fittings as well. If you don’t want to spend too much money replacing the fittings, you can even paint them – use matte black or rose gold, it is a cheap way to revitalize them and color them to your theme.

Most modern bathrooms now have rainfall showerheads, and the good news is that they aren’t as expensive as you might think. They look modern, but also give such an amazing shower experience. Fit one into your shower for your own pleasure, if not for anything else.

Tile The Countertop

You can add some life to your bathroom by tiling the countertop. It is a fairly simple DIY to undertake and can be a focal point in the bathroom. You can go for a pop of color with different mosaic tiles, or keep it simple and minimalistic with uniform, unicolored tiles. You can also re-grout your existing tiles to make them look new and clean.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is your personal space. It is also where you unwind in the shower, washing off the stresses of your day. Instead of doing this in an outdated, dull bathroom, use this guide to modernize your bathroom step by step. It might take a while to get to the end result, but when you do, you will thank yourself!

A modern and well-looked after bathroom will also add value to your property, it is one of the first places potential buyers check. It is a win-win!