There’s a new worldwide trend – a move towards sustainability, corporate responsibility, carbon footprint awareness, and everything in between.

Our world is changing and with each new generation, we start to pay more attention to what we spend our money on, where these products come from, and how they are made.

Unlike previous generations who’ve made many wrong choices which negatively impacted our environment, more people are taking a personal stand and making changes in how they consume products and services to reflect what they value and to express their worldview.

We can help protect the environment in many ways, what we do and which products (eco-friendly home) we choose have an considerable cumulative effect on the environment and its the future.

The choices we make on an everyday basis affect the world around us probably more than we let ourselves believe. These seemingly small actions add up and while a single person might not make a huge difference, when others see you take a stand they are more likely to follow your example and take small steps themselves to a better future for all.

In this article we’ve decided to focus on eco-friendly bathroom products. Lets begin!

Personal Care

We we care about what materials come into contact with our skin, but more of us also pay attention to where these materials come from and how they were made. The towel is one of the most personal objects we own.

When it comes to disposable products none is abused more than the shaving razor, which on average is thrown away after only 3-5 uses. We are seduced by magical close shave claims, but I encourage you to try a traditional shaver, and see for yourself what an amazing job these old-school razers can do.

The Toilet

There are much better ways to clean the toilet than flushing it with a myriad of harmful chemicals. We have become such germophobes that we’re willing to sacrifice our health in a bid to protect our health, which is an oxymoron. We breath in these harmful substances and pollute our water without a second thought.

With a little research we can find an environmentally friendly toilet cleaner, which will not only leave our toilets sparkling clean, but kill those nasty germs at the same time.

While we’re discussing the cleaner, there are also solutions allowing you to carry out the cleaning job with a sustainable tool, the brush with holder are often disposed of and replaced with a newer model because deterioration, but also for aesthetic reasons, when the bathroom decor changes with each house move or renovation. 

In the Shower

A lot of households still use a shower curtain instead of a glass partition to protect the bathroom from unnecessary splashes of water. Most of these curtains are made out of man-made substances, these curtains are often replaced due to wear as well as build up of dirt, soap scum, and in some cases mould. These curtains take hundreds of years to break down and are a terrible choice for such a simple problem.

We take it for granted, but water is one of the most precious things in this world. By minimizing how much water we use in the shower can not only help the environment, but help us reduce our bills to have extra money for more important things.

The easiest ways to save water is to install a shower head & mixer in your bathroom, they’re available in different finishes and with varying water pressure adjustments to suit your needs and likes.

Perhaps a nice-looking bathroom shower bench made out of eco-friendly wood could be right up your alley.

Some of us like to use soap, others cannot resist the feel of a sponge. It’s a personal choice, but a sponge is a great way to exfoliate our body for a youthful looking skin. And what could be better than a natural sponge to do the job. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, ready for your favorite moisturiser.

Dental Care

Our teeth are not only a sign of health but an important a way of expressing our image, and a sign of how well we take care of our body. With millions of plastic toothbrushes and cups ending up in the rubbish dump everyday, we can make a real difference if we switch to a more eco-friendly option.

We can also make a difference while we travel, here is a great example of a toothbrush travel case, which offers a sustainable alternative to plastic travel products.

Whilst we’re on the subject of dental care, you may consider a natural alternative to dental floss, a 100% biodegradable option made from real silk – even the packaging is eco-friendly.

Final Word

There are so many more eco-friendly bathroom options out there, but remember that it’s not only the environment which benefits from the choices we make, but our personal health and often our wallet as well.

Our lifestyle and choices can be an example for those around us to follow and also a personal stand against destructive behaviour.

I hope this list was useful to you and showed you a handful of alternative bathroom product options and will help you make better, environmentally friendly choices, and meanwhile enhance your life.